Instant astral projection

I am fairly adept in astral travel meaning I can meditate and leave my body normally and properly. However. Is there a way one could close there eyes and just instantly just pop out without all the breathing and focus. I feel with years of practice with this it can be achieved.

I had azazel teach me by pulling me out.

Now I’m thinking of talking with asmodeus to help me get even better faster at it. As this is my goal if it’s possible. Is it possible? And if it is any advice on what I can do to get even better with soul travel?

I’d also like to progress one day where I can stay in soul travel while physically enduring pain. Is that possible as well?



Or, well, maybe… I mean, hopefully this will work for you! Lol

The last time I did it was a loooong time ago, but I figured out what I did. I laying down for a nap and was in a hypnagogic state (very loose mentally) and started semi-dreaming… sort of like daydreaming…

I was having a conversation with someone at a bar or other social setting in the daydream.

Then what I did was switch rapidly between first person (seeing through my own eyes) and third person (seeing from the perspective of a another person, a camera or a ghost)

This switching between perspectives seemed to shake me loose.

It was so vivid and dramatic, I didn’t really try much after that. I had I knew it was possible and had some fun experiences here or there, and that was apparently enough for me.

Back then, I didn’t have a great forum like this… there’s all kinds of things people do in the astral I had no idea about.

I should actually take my own advice and do it again sometime soon.

That is basically what I always been doing so you’re telling me this whole time I was able to snap out of my body almost instantly….lovely. Well that’s not a bad thing at all that’s what I want.

One thing I’m wondering now is how to stay out of my body while my physical body is enduring pain. That would come very handy to signal out pain I can just literally leave somewhere else until the pain is over.

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