Inspiration of the Black Flame

Oh the vast glory of the cosmos and it’s hidden mysteries! Who can number the wonders and mysteries of the cosmos? Oh grand beyonds eternally far from the familiar, that I might plunge myself into your dark midst!

Pursuits of the self and the form of the self are not much a concern to an aspirant of the black flame. Reflections upon the self are mostly limited to functional form and theory related to achieving the ideal form/state. In actuality the black flame is a shape shifter assuming all states of matter.

In order to move the way black flame moves you must learn to not impose your will to move as though you would be traveling at a certain speed. Rather, the idea is that changing form causes one to move. The idea behind this is that objects affected by cosmic law respond according to their composition. So change the composition to alter how cosmic law affects your form.

It might take an unfathomable amount of time to travel a certain distance in a particular form. Change form and one might be thrust through the fabric of space itself by the power of cosmic law. One not need travel by their own power when they might be transported more efficently by having an understanding of cosmic law itself.

Working with these concepts and the black fire form I have successfully completed a bilocation to a blackhole. I was in the midst of the black hole and felt it’s consumming maw which gapped open widely. It was a massive thing and caused a terrible crushing and howling sound like thunder and wailing. I have also explored the notion of emptiness. Emptiness is an illusion created by light, cosmic scales, and the lack of obvious stuff to fill a space. But what is emptiness independent of this? What is emptiness in it’s own pure existence? So I came up with a concept called ‘the Subspacial division’.

Imagine becoming smaller until you are smaller than the smallest thing. Then keep getting smaller. Eventually you will encounter the subspacial divisions. Do not expect that you would reach a wall at any point but divisions of subspace are separated from one another by an apparent black wall of thick smoke. Call this smoke the shroud. The shroud is the glue and cradle of the subspacial divisions.

Then there’s what I can only describe as experiencing a flip. That’s when you pass through non existent space which forms the first bubble. It can be perceived as a barrier but is passed through instantly. Non existent space is the gate.

Through the shroud past nonexistent space you bridge to two kinds of spaces, actual subspace and solitary space. Subspace is like being under the earth where the roots are. All things which exist are rooted in subspace, even light appears like shining framework steady glowing in a vast expance of nothing. Solitary space are relatively small (compared to other realms). Solitary space more or less drifts around. There are actually a vast number of solitary spaces, probably uncountable. I don’t actually know what they are for.

Kinda hard to imagine subspacial divisions from a macrocosmic perspective. It’s better to imagine exploring within them. One key thing is understanding there are more directions to travel than those you would simply perceive. What direction are you traveling as you grow smaller or even larger? What direction are you traveling when you pass through realms? A fundamental realm has no macrocosm. Like the fundamental realm of Primordium, there’s nothing beyond Primordium. However, there are entire realms which exist within Primordium and also connected to it.

So you see all these concepts pull one’s attention from their self as they fixate upon the cosmos. That’s the whole idea, to leave the simplicity of the self to explore an external cosmos that’s vast and wild. The self becomes kinda abhored to consider much, even lesser. There’s so much to experience which is beyond ourself. This is among the chief ideals of the Black Flame, to love the cosmos.


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