Insomnia/Exhaustion after listening to Book of Azazal

I suspect my mind is playing tricks on me especially coming from Christianity background. But last few nights I had insomnia and being uncomfortable to fall asleep. I don’t remember my dreams so I don’t think that is it. I hate to admit this but it’s very close to being a 5-year-old child after seeing a scary movie and trying to go to sleep in the dark. The last few days haven’t really been me due to exhaustion.

Anyone experience that uncomfortable not alone feeling when trying to sleep? Any techniques to banish the insomnia or dumb fear? I have medicine for insomnia but I prefer not to take it since it gives me a hangover feeling the next day. Insomnia not really new, but the exhaustion part is. I wake up feeling like I have been drinking all night instead of going to bed at a reasonable time the last few nights.

FYI I haven’t practiced anything just been absorbing as much EA YouTube as I can and haunting these forums.



Could be the things you are becoming aware of are becoming aware of you and trying to get your attention.

Not trying to be clever here but that sometimes happens to me in periods when I increase physical activity. Have you perhaps changed anything in your eating pattern? Unless you are already doing so - I suggest a light meal and a glass of water before you go to bed.

You can try taking melatonin to help fall asleep instead of the medication. As far as the feelings: could be energetic transmission, could be a lot of things. If you’re really interested in Azazel, maybe ask him(respectfully) to help you calm down so you can get some sleep.

I felt the same way after I was reading some magic books… Took some shrooms extract did not sleep for 3 days but the effects wore off in 12 hrs I was so freaking scared felt like I had all the Spirits attacking me.

It’s understandable, one thing you can do is this:

These spirits have very strong energies, they can influence us and it feels weird, there’s NOTHING wrong or “offensive” about banishing that if it disrupts your quality of life in any way, you can always summon again on the next day or immerse yourself more slowly.

Demons don’t live immersed in our “vibration” or have our concerns 24/7, and very few of us would suggest they have a moral obligation to, so there’s no reason we should immerse in theirs unless it suits us to do so.


I’ve been working with Azazel lately and been having trouble sleeping or waking up at the witching hour specifically.

I’ve found doing a nighttime ritual gets my brain to slow down. Lavender sented things, stretching or yoga and chamomile tea. And a light meal or snack nothing heavy or gassy that might wake me up.

Thanks. That’s really helpful. :slight_smile: