Insomnia Curse - Could Use Some Help Formulating

Hi all,

Curses are something I’m familiar with from research, and I understand the foundations, but I have never actually attempted to cast one.

A family member of mine has finally brought me to my breaking point, so I’d like to finally give them their due. I’d like to curse them with five days of insomnia to make their work week hell and to punish them in a way that fits their latest offense. Mind you, I consider this a slap on the wrist in comparison to the anguish they’ve caused me throughout my life.

I know all I would need about this person to target them and form the curse, but I’m not exactly sure where to start. I thought about animal symbolism as a sort of forced shapeshift in habits (a raccoon is the first that came to mind), or petitioning a powerful entity (have not done much research but was thinking Hypnos or maybe a sandman?). I like working physical objects into my spells too, especially crystals and plants. I live with this person, so I have access to where they sleep; I thought about a hex bag, though I’m worried about the person discovering it (on the plus side, I could end the curse when I like by removing the bag). Any help or ideas would be great!

So they have any mitigation skills? If so, you may want another part to get rid of any countermeasures you come across.

Have you thought about a servitor or lesser spirit to torment them when they’re awake and perhaps another for when they’re sleeping? I suggested a split because that’s how my mind works, but one for any type of sleep may be better.

Technically, it would only have to interrupt right before deep sleep to be effective. That kinda what happens with those afflicted by sleep apnea, with regards to restorative sleep (not oxygenation , here).


I would call upon Disordia, the demon who “whispers madness into the ears of men.”


Mitigation is something I’m concerned about. They’re not a practitioner of any kind, though they are very superstitious and religious. I like insomnia because sleep troubles is not something too uncommon for them, so it may not raise their flags too much but will still make them suffer a bit.

Forming a servitor is not something I have much experience with, though I like this idea with animal symbolism. We have raccoons that visit outside our house every night. I could create a strong link between the raccoons and the servitor, and then the servitor would have a trigger each night to go about tormenting.

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If that’s where you think you should go, then go for it. The raccoons may help nullify the defenses, as they’re a physical interaction, rather than a magical one.

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Its a famouse spell call touch of lucifer which give them 3 days of tat. Its free, easy to do anywhere. Touch of lucifer. For tat kind of magick

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