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Hey Guys,

I just finished with my exams today. These are competitive exams and are tough to crack. I gave my best efforts while preparing despite of all the mental disturbances I had. I feel I am in the border of minimum passing marks. I may fall short of few marks or I may pass. I need to know whether I can get help from King Paimon to influence the correction of my paper. I won’t know who will correct as it’s a national level exam. Or any other insights from you guys to influence the situation would be helpful. This is really important to me and it’s a life changer. I have already done a ritual for clearing this exam a month ago using Damon brand greater words of power called “Pass an Exam”.I have had good success with it before. And now after writing the exams I feel a little more push maybe required.

Have king Paimon carry it to the target. Recall the paper and have the paper carry the intention, by targeting the paper.

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Also, @Infinite_Dreamer, try working with camio to increase intellect and affect test scores. I remember someone saying that he can help with that.

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English is not my native language. I couldn’t get what you are trying to say. Can you make it more simpler ?

I ll look into petitioning Camio for affecting the test results.

You want to influence the test after you have already taken it?

I don’t think King Paimon would help you get a better score than you deserve. He can’t make a wrong answer into a right one. And he’s all about taking responsibility for what you do. If you failed the test, you failed the test.

Even if an incorrect answer is accidentally marked correct, usually there is a secondary check to ensure everything is done properly. At least, that has been my experience.

Camio is to be asked to affect test results before you take the test, not after. What’s the point of influencing the intellect after the fact?

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I meant for future reference…


I don’t want King Paimon to get me marks for wrong answers. I just want my correction to be done in a liberal way. I have written 3 papers, if I get an extra 1,2 marks per subject I clear. There’s an minimum aggregate mark as whole from 3 papers I need to get. I ll easily clear individually but I need a small push for the aggregate. All the 3 papers are descriptive. Correction varies from one person to another. I just need a push 4-5 marks from the 3 papers on overall basis. I don’t plan on asking Camio to increase my intellect.

You’d be better off asking him to be honest