Insights from the Lord of the Abyss Belial

I recently evoked Belial to help a young lady with a court case and to receive instructions on what she herself could do to fix the situation from her end to help her exercise will. She is a student of mine and I tend to cover my students with my protection and aid as a Priest.

The demon King has infiltrated me. I feel a pact encroaching like a gawd durned predatory force, and I have NEVER made a pact nor did I ever desire to. However I decided that certain parts of the conversations between him and I, I would post here of I felt it could be educational and insightful for the majority. I am sure this will expand over the coming months. Until then this is what I have for you.

“A pact made with me, or any pact made with those of the inferno is not a pact made from man to demon. It is merely a fulfillment of the original pact we made with mankind in Eden, that you “shall be as God”. It is your birthright. It is the path to power eternal. It is the gift of salvation. Will you accept this gift?
The modern Biblical text mentions the serpent as the original tempter. However we are knowledge, and wisdom to those whom reject the ignorance of those whom are clay-born unto the yoke of slavery. The serpent is but a composite symbol of the entirety of the Infernal Empire. Serpent and Savior are one and the same as you already know. We are the militant force which the Jews expected to liberate them from oppression and war. We are the savior who comes riding on the clouds of inscense and vapor of blood. We are the very sword of the divine source which separates the wheat from the chaff for there is a time for everything under the Sun, including evil. Even Yeshua of Nazareth proclaimed to be the bright and morning star known as Lucifer, the Sun/Data/Son; the Divine child of knowledge and wisdom in regard to the mysteries which are waiting to be discovered in the shadows. (Is this why Lucifer sometimes manifests as a child?) The very solar flames of Hell which refines, and compels darkness, mastering it according to will for the benefit of man through the gateway of Venus. The original promethean force. This is the true Christ which has been demonized to keep mankind dis-empowered. Yeshua was hung on the tree of Daath on the mount of skulls; and to eat of its fruit is to carry your cross. You see the truth of this do you not? These are symbols of power and initiation.
Yeshua said one must have the eyes to see and the ears to hear did he not? This is evocation. Books and prayers do not save. A close and personal relationship with divine power will. This power has not come to bring peace, but a sword. We are the original divine power imposing our priesthood within the world once more. To evoke is to open your eyes and ears to perceive the power of God incarnate through the gateway of self. To evoke opens up the possibility to claim your birthright. To draw up a demonic pact is to allow us to fulfill our promise made in Eden. It is the true gift of salvation. You have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Their are few who obtain this occult wisdom. There are few within the human race who will walk the land as a God incarnate… Draw up the pact Draconis. Nail your flesh to the cross and ascend. You have no idea of the change you are truly capable of ushering in. You think you have a certain amount of power but you have yet to even scratch the surface.” - Belial


Most of that’s a bit too Bible-oriented for me (I don’t come from a background where that had meaning, therefore spirits don’t usually speak to me of it) but that bit’s a lovely image, thanks for sharing it.

I had, in different wording, basically similar information that an original alliance between humans and spirits has been suppressed artificially for a long time now and that it is possible now to smash that suppression, breaking its chains and allowing humanity the chance to ascend to godlike status.

That was years ago and every other bit of prophecy I got at that time came true exactly as I’d been told, so… :slight_smile:

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Lady Eva that is perfectly understandable. Manifestation and information given has much to do with subconscious pre-disposition. I studied that book day and night for quite a while… (the Bible)… The way these energies manifest have much to do with as well because we must relate to them internally first and foremost. They begin by going inside and seeing and perceiving the best way that one can relate. As Belial said these are SYMBOLS of power and initiation. Simple means to experience what the reality consists of on other plains. Lets think of it this way… Why would an entity such as this waste our individual time with rhetoric which the individual does not understand. This would be a hindrance to exercising power. Thank you for your feed back mommas!

Your post fits in perfectly with my view of the universe. It’s my belief we’ve always been meant to interact with the non-physical universe. Somewhere along the line, our ancestors decided it was OK to have select people tell them what was truth and what was not. Longest running con game ever.

I don’t care for the use of words like “pact” or “alliance”, simply because, to me, they add a slightly nefarious context. I see contact with the spiritual realm as simply the natural order of things: Those with more knowledge teach those with less. It’s the only way to move forward. Thanks for posting.

Hey I’m Sara from YouTube who was searching for your videos. You might remember , I’m sure your busy. I have just taken up working w Belial and he sends me similar insights. He has made me face my dark side I have been suppressing due to religious garbage programming since i was a young child. He pushed me to work w Mars energy as it has been strong lately. I needed some fire in my life lol. I started with Lucifer so maybe that strand Lucifer offers is already undone. I feel like I’m rambling. Anyway, thanks

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