Insight on stones?

So Im 99% sure the person Im casting spells on isn’t into witchcraft. Shes like a fake hippie that has a bunch of stones and shit on her night stand… But do stones protect from spells? And if so how do I pass that protection… Secondly if she does do basic magic how do u break a protection spell?

Is she not into witchcraft…or is she practicing a variety that you consider inferior? Because it sounds like she’s got those crystals charged pretty good if you can’t bypass them.

“Hippies” can still focus their energy and create protection spells or grids with their crystals. The crystals can amplify that protection as well. Protection is usually something many who work with white magick focus on heavily. I work a lot with chaos magick and LHP, and evening I use crystals for various purposes- cuz they’re pretty damn useful as a magick tool.

Providing she has a strong belief in herself and her ability to manifest protection…then that is magick.

Never underestimate your enemy. That’s your mistake here. Just because she seems like a “fake hippie” does not mean she isn’t capable of casting a protection spell or using crystals to her benefit.

You would have to perform a fairly powerful ritual to break past the defenses of someone who seems to be able to put up a halfway decent protection spell for themselves.

You wanna pass her defenses? Then be stronger than her, magickally speaking. Try harder. Focus your energy more. Put more time into your ritual- and then remember that once the ritual is done, let it go. Stop thinking about it, don’t worry about if it works…just let it be and trust your will be done.

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