Insecurities, confidence and NLP

I really reached to a stage where i think i have tried everything but the self-loathing is so high, it seems that i am always better than the day before but once the insecurities and paranoia reach out, everything is like a black cloud over my head. I was wondering if NLP can actually help and if so what is the most recommendable course for that, as all i’ve seen is NLP for business and entrepreneurs. I think it’s like the last option that i am left with unless there is something else that i am unaware of.

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If you are depressed it might be because you are lacking something in life… search for it.
Or if you can’t find it… then I have found success with colour meditation and vibrational meditation.

You should always start a affirmation with the words “in a healthy and positive way for me”

The names of runes can be used as mantras to vibrate into the soul and/or flesh.

Black can remove unwanted fears and negative programming as well as the rune ANSUZ and THURISAZ.

Green can be used to promote optimism and general joy as well as the rune WUNJO.

Red can instil confidence and high self a esteem as well as the rune WUNJO.

Gems such as Jade, Citrine and rose Quartz could also be of use for more of a quick fix of sorts… mind merging with these gems will allow for a much more intense experience from them.

Hope that helps

Oh I am not depressed just have insecurities and lack of self-esteem. The latter affects the former.

The Black & White Mirror exercise. This takes time and dedication.

Perform Sigil workings.

Ritually banish inadequacies.


See the person you want to be. I mean really invest your time and effort so you have something to aim for. It’ll never happen if you can’t ‘see’ it.

Image in detail the very worst sorts of things that could happen to you in terms of your self-esteem: Beautiful bitch laughs at you; Someone tells you you’re awkward and have a face only a mother could love; Crowds of people laughing at you, etc. Live these excruciating moments, experience the red-faced horror and work through what you’d actually do. Experience in your head that all of your shameful and crippling inadequacies are pretty average. Loosen up.



This is all the magic you need to take all your demons away…

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Hi Everyone,

I am curious what is NPL? What do the letters stand for?

The letters stand for Neuro-linguistic programming. It’s a methodology for self-developement with multiple applications, created in 1970’s by Bandler and Grinder.
The literature is quite extensive, as well as methods. It takes a lot of practise and work to get into the subject.


I recommend to check out videos of David Snyder in youtube. His methods taught me how to go to trance or in hypnotic state the least, when I had challenges to learn it and didn’t know what to do.

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Thank you.

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