Insecurities and shyness in Love, from Magick perspective

From a magickal perspective, could be more beneficial and efficient to perform rituals and evocations to “correct” or “heal” a person insecurities(such as being shy or low self-esteem) or to perform rituals/evocation to actually attract people(women in my case) which actually like or at least don’t dislike shyness/insecuirities? For example making women approach you?
Does love magick actually make you desireable beyond any rational limits?
An example: I’m so shy that i almost stop talking and blush red everytime a woman i like look at me or talk to me. What would help in this case?

In this case, it would bring more success if you can heal your insecurities and be able to talk to women naturally, and it will be much better for you in general! So, I recommend focusing on that. If you can accomplish it, then that is a great thing.


Any suggestion? Grimoires, books, spells?

Perhaps try “72 Sigils of Power” by Zanna Blaise, it is well suited for things like this.


You could do well with Ben Woodcroft’s book “The Angel Overlords”

It helps you get comfortable with who you are and to change your internal energy states so that you can develop into something more than you might feel that you are, which is a bit of an illusion because as you develop, what happens is that you become more of the you that you want to express, more confident, more understanding of your situations and therefore more relaxed about the world around you. With a better energy.

Being comfortable with who you are allows you to feel your strengths and be more appreciated and approachable. It’s not so much about making others have to find a workaround because of your shyness.

The version of yourself that you want to express and be appreciated for is already inside and it just needs to be livened up a bit so people can see it.


It’s better to be secure in yourself. That’s not for attracting others, that’s just good for yourself.

Realize that the people you desire want more or less the same thing that you do. I’d summon up some lust/charm demons and enjoy yourself flirting at parties where you don’t have to suck it all in and be professional or whatever. You’d be amazed at what a little demonic confidence can do to you. I used to really not be a party person, but I came to enjoy them, especially when I let go of the need to get with someone and instead just enjoyed the experience and did my own thing.

Do you do well with meeting new people and developing new relationships? I’d also work on that as it is a useful life skill and one that can also improve your personal life.

For the record, yes I have had women approach me at parties (and elsewhere). I’ve done the hookup thing and danced and been the center of multiple girls’ attention while we were all lounging and vibing. You ever look at yourself in the mirror after some glamour magick?

Here’s the secret - if you don’t give a fuck and are having a good time regardless of what happens, vibin around, enjoying the music, passing around a j or something, then you become much more attractive cause you’re letting off good vibes.


What is your current access to people you find attractive? If you are in college, or working, it may be useful to tailor your requests with that in mind.

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Never used glamour.

Sometimes i see them because we frequent same spots.

It’s good magick.

How does it work?

What about Archengels of Magick by Damon Brand?

P.s. or Damien Echols Archangels and Angels.

As suggested i’m trying with Zanna Blaise’s and Adam Blackthorne’s sigils books.
I initially had a positive reaction but just in the second day i felt really difficult to provoke and actually feel the emotions which are needed to perform the “ritual”.
I think it’s a huge problem of mine. I just can’t imagine emotions, i can imagine situations i did not like or situations which i’d like to happen, but cannot really feel anything about it.
And the more i try the more i feel frustration and blocked.

Would it help if you re-enacted in your mind an event you have already experienced and reconnect with how those feelings emerged in you at that time?

Then you have a kind of template that you can use where you build a picture or series of images that depict the outcome that you want and with that, use those same emotions that you reconnected with from the previous experiences.

It’s a bit like making your own movie trailer in your mind or even just a very short clip of a scene. Once you have worked it out and found the right borrowed emotions, you have a scene that you can easily replay just like from a memory.

That’s exactly what i’ve done.
Only worked a little bit the first time, then stopped.
Seems like I can’t feel what i do not experience directly.