Insane powerful saint Michael archangel relic stone + sigil?

What if you put a saint Michael grotto stone holy relic which if you don’t know is insane powerful relic and connection to saint Michael archangel what if you put that power and connection and blessing of that stone and put it on a sigil and tried invoke or communication some kind or meditation on the sigil with the stone relic

Well like anything in a religious sense it be a symbolic representation of the belief of the spirit, those who touched the shroud of turin are healed by its power because they believe it to be the death shroud of Christ. If you think it would help you and give the ritual a super charge then by all means do so. I think using representations as a means to communicate is important as a concentrational focus element. Try it out, let us know.

This may also be of some help in your evocation

A lot of solid information on Michael and the other archangels here. Good start on certain aspects and information

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Thanks and thanks so much for the link

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No problem! Best of luck!

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