Inner sense development

I’m a new magician, I have only one year of training. For a couple of months I am working on developing inner senses( sight, hearing, smell, touch). Mostly I train by meditation and trying to see, hear, smell with my mind the environment I’m in or touching different objects. The problem is that it’s working only with sight and touch, with the others I get nothing. I was wondering if you guys have any exercises for inner hearing and smelling?

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The senses are all connected with the chakras.
Maybe working with them could help.
I’m currently trying as well to open my senses, too.
What’s your exact training method if I may ask?

Well, my chakras are balanced and working properly.
For sight I am just practicing walking out of the body.
For touch, I go to pawn shop, touch an item and see what information I can get.
For hearing I am entering the void, through void meditation and trying to pick up spirit chatter, but with no succes.
For smell, like the previous one. Honestly, I can’t find much about training this sense.

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For a year now I do energy work: creating a shield, a mirror shield, vampyre and even healing, so I got no problem with my chakras or the energy flow.

Franz Bardon has information on how to train all your astral senses in his first book, Initiation into Hermetics.

You can picture an apple right? See it in your minds eye. You know what an apple feels like. You know what it sounds like when you bite into it, when it drops on the floor, when you smash it with a hammer… The senses at first train your imagination, because that is the gateway to your inner mind, the inner worlds, and then beyond.

You know what an apple is. So you know what it smells like. Try to invoke that sense in your head. Take the apple in.

Then do it with other scents as well. Smell flowers, and try to get it come in as clear as you can picture it. It helps if you have a physical subject right in front of you to reference when you are doing this. If you lose track of what you are smelling, sniff it IRL. Then go back to trying to recreate that in your mind.

You should try STRONG smells, that illicit a strong reaction (good and bad) for you because those will be the most memorable at first because they are tied to memories, feelings, etc. They have a more solid foundation in your world and mind. So use that to your advantage when are training.

It will take time, repetition, and practice.

idk that is just my two cents. Take it how it is and use the information how you will.

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Thank you :pray:

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This is great man much thanks

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