Inner critic/ inner voice

Guys what is our inner voice, the mostly negative one that we constantly hear in our head? The one that causes us anxiety and depression. The critic voice that tells us we can’t do anything, that we’re incapable, the voice that always keeps mumbling.
What is it? is it our ego or subconscious that tries to protect us from any change?

The inner critic is generally the ego, yes. It’s purpose is to protect us, but sometimes it tries to protect us from things that could actually benefit us, like change, stretching of boundaries, and pushing limits. It believes that to remain safe we must stay within our comfort zone and never stray from it, and it usually tries to control us through fear by telling us everything that could go wrong if we try to step into the unknown.


Yes , inner ego/critic may sabotage changes, but it essential for survival. The task is to find a way to truly balance its(critic’s) influence…

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Thank you for the answer I’m using EFT and Faster EFT right now because I reprograming my Subconscious for success and during the tap I hear the voice in my head constantly muttering something negative I don’t understand who and what it is I program my subconscious for prosperity and for example suddenly the voice comes and says You will never be rich I am like WTF ???

Very interesting because the subconscious is supposed to protect us but it’s not the subconscious that calls the ego to protect us from change ?

Good question! I believe subconscious is like an animal, and if its sees anything as a threat it will do whatever to survive. The issue perhaps in the relation between beliefs and subconscious… just thinking

Would embracing the negative thought and what it causes you to feel, cause that thought or something similar to manifest into reality?

What you hear is a negative program that at some point back in time at certain moment was instilled into you by society, it is not your own voice , it is re-play of this program

The ego is not the same thing as the subconscious. The ego is a function of the personality,

The subconscious is part of the mind, and controls many things vital to your existence, like the autonomic functions of your body, things your conscious mind does not have the processing power to run. It is also believed to be the bridge to the Superconscious, also known as the Divine Mind.

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Embrace it, but only once, just that one time - is enough to ditch it. facing the issue, and accepting the worst case scenario , just that once, will not make undesirable to manifest, in my mind. Just not enough power for it to manifest if you lived a situation all the way through but just that one time, and then - discarded it out of your mind. But yes, Constant thinking of the issue feeds the manifestation of that issue. So you live it once, face, accept and ditch. You own your mind, you are the boss…what you ultimately choose, that will manifest

That is simply the current belief of your ego.

Here’s what happens in life: Through the things you experience, as well as through programming from your parents, friends, and society in general, you internalise a certain picture of how the world is and your place in it. This picture becomes your personal belief about reality. These beliefs become the programming of your subconscious mind, which goes to work manifesting the picture you have created. Your ego then takes this picture, with its attendant beliefs, and uses it to fulfil its function of protection.

When you try to program your subconscious with beliefs that contradict what is already in there, you create resistance in the ego. Remember, the ego prefers the status quo, and doesn’t like change. That is why the little voice pipes up to shut down your attempts to change the picture. Your subconscious doesn’t care; it will manifest whatever you program into it, good or bad. It is your ego that will resist the new picture you are trying to create. However, once the subconscious accepts the new beliefs, so will the ego.


So when person is born, the newborn already born with developed subconscious, and developing ego - takes life?(please excuse english isnt my first language)

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An infant is basically born with mostly what is called the Id. It is ruled completely by instinct, and only knows the main drives for food, warmth and comfort. It does still have a subconscious and conscious mind though, and as it grows, and learns about its environment, it forms a picture about its world, and the ego begins to become more solid as it picks up beliefs about itself.

Research has shown that children do not begin to develop cognitive memory until around the age of three, so they are pretty much a blank page until then, and can be easily programmed through what they experience. That’s why religion tries to get them young. Their beliefs, and thus their picture of the world, is still developing, so it can be easily influenced by outside forces.


Agree with you we are all streaming from childhood. It is kind of uncomfortable for ego to admit, that most of our life choices are determinated by childhood experiences/programming. In many cases it lools like average human himself is a constant replay of childhood, In a way…average human, but not a mage human! These may spend some time to turn childHood into childGood :slight_smile:

DarkestKnight, i have a question to you… it is related to sigils. If you dont mind to give your oppinion.
Is there a difference between activating sigils of Deities and self made sigils for maniestations? For example, most common method of activation for self made sigils is orgasming on them. But for Deity’s sigil? Can you orgasm on it too? Or , annointing the corners of Deity’s sigil with essential oil is enough… or, Deitie’s sigils are already pre-charged and dont need to be activated… i bit confused here… so, what are your thoughts? I’m not sure if i write this question here, because its a different topic, but I’d like to ask you personally,

Um…no it’s not lol

If by “self made sigils” you are referring to the Spare method of turning a statement of intent into a glyph, then no, orgasm is commonly used to fire the sigil into the subconscious by blanking the mind, not to use the fluids.

Yes, you can anoint a spirit’s seal with sexual fluids. However, it doesn’t “activate” them, but acts as an offering and way to forge a connection. However, you generally have to open the seal first.

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Thank you for answer!!! And thank you for explaining :slight_smile:
Can you please tell me if such basic protocole/ manual is correct:

  1. open the seal of Entity ( does it mean mediation and concentration on the seal, right? Or whay do you mean by “opening the seal”?)
  2. Give an offering, placed directly on the sigil ( is it okay if offering plate isnt made of clear glass and obstucting the view of sigil?)
  3. Call for, feel the connection, communicate ask
  4. Thank the Entity and ask to depart
  5. Ring a bell or clap hands to cut the connection

Please advice!

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Bro I’m a little confused now. I looked at Eckhart Tolle and he said that if we identify with our thoughts, they will become our egoistic part, but where do the thoughts actually come from? Doesn’t it come from the subconscious? Where they are stored? I’m a little confused now one can get lost in it
The critical inner voice in our head Is EGO but this EGO must take thoughts and memories from subconscious right?

I have an inner critic?, I’m not really sure, I was speaking to a member, I was frantic, and spazing, when the phrase “I think he’s panicking” appeared, I don’t remember typing it.

And again last night, I was writing a long idea in a pm, it said "

Once again, I thought I finished my thoughts, but this thing cut in. Of course I was weak, and out of it in the first place, and way past the time I normally go to bed.

In my opinion thoughts come from being inspired by what is already conceivably there in your current existing consciousness, and thoughts are stored in your memory.

The subconscious and ego can recognise the difference between a flight of fancy and something you actually want to change, which is why we can happily imagine far off destinations and events.

Only when we consider making a change, the programming of the ego or subconscious pipes up and says, no, you don’t have the prerequisites to make that happen. Unless of course you do have the prerequisites or some parts of them to build from to make the goal achievable within the bounds of what you decide are reasonable limits.

So, what guides or governs the ego or inner critic?
If the ego is set up to save us from harm and keep us to what it considers safety in a comfort zone, we could say it’s governed by the subconscious.

But our thoughts appear in our conscious mind and therefore, we are able to choose to challenge a gut reaction to our thoughts when they are opposite to what we have programmed within us.

Ultimately, I would say that the conscious mind is in charge in the hours that we are awake in the beta and alpha state, because that is where the conversation, internal debate, choice and decision is made.

Usually the inner critic is form of the shadow self telling you can’t do things or are worthless because you have repressed all your emotions and anger into the shadow and have been ignoring it for so long that it attacks you into a form of depression ect… this will continue unless you start unravelling the causes behind the problems. Once you start dealing with them one by one and start making moves to try and fix them. More positive things will start to appear and the more you can handle situations in more healthy way.

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