Inner beings? Anyone else have something similar?

So, first hi, haven’t been on in a while. I’m coming back though. I’m not sure if I should out this here or not, but please move it to the appropriate place if need be :slight_smile:. Anyway, so I’ve been having dreams and like when I look inside myself (like when people say “look inside of yourself and tell me what you see”) or even when I’m just zoning out, I get into a black space and I’ve been seeing a pair of kids, one boy and one girl for the longest time I can remember since I was little, they just look sad and lonely and are curled up together while holding hands. I don’t know who they are, sometimes they’re just there and other times they are standing and looking up at me. But they never let go of the other’s hand.

Honestly they look like porcelain dolls, almost emotionless except for the sadness and the occasional twin smiles when I ask them who they are.

I hope I’m making sense :sweat_smile:.

It’s really interesting to see but I don’t know what to make of it. I’ve tried looking up things like it but the closest I get is shadow beings but they look completely human and I can always see every single feature on them.

Are they a representation of me? I mean, I’m growing fond of them. They seem to have some kind of energy around them that makes me feel safe. I thought they were a pair of spirits because my nephew mentioned seeing them once when he got up to go to the bathroom.

But at the same time, sometimes they seem to have an energy around them that makes me feel upset or angry even though their facial expressions are still blank.

If anyone could give me some insight that would be very appreciated! I might make a virtual journal on here, in case someone else might have something similar. I hope to learn about it and everything so I can help others learn as well :slight_smile:

Yeah I have the opinion that we can have those aspects inside us, like today I saw a “guy” me with a beard and facial expressions.
These aspects are a part of you if you find them inside you, they have their own thoughts usually and feelings, I have a theory that they are in a way trauma holders OR rejected/suppressed part of us… maybe that doesn’t make sense but I am very open to hearing opinions about this as well.
I also have a suppressed sexual aspect being/thought form which scared the shit outta me! I have also seen children inside me that looked scared/sad/lonely… which makes me think about the trauma thing, I’m also really interested in stories about this… also one question to you OP; have you asked them what they want?

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That makes sense, I was thinking they were thoughtforms because they seem to move and act on their own even without me noticing. The trauma thing makes sense, as well. I’ve always been very interested in stories and experiences about this as well! I’ve tried asking them but they only seem to hear me and acknowledge but don’t answer me.

I’ve been thinking if they are thoughtforms, then maybe they don’t have enough energy to openly communicate :thinking:? Or are they waiting for me to acknowledge them or something? Is it possible to unknowingly create thoughtforms?

Do they want me to work with them? I feel like the more I look into this the more questions come up :sweat_smile:

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Yeah maybe they cant/won’t communicate with words like me and you… I would recommend to try feeling into them intuitively, and sending them love and acceptance like most children want… maybe you will feel more connection to them and hopefully feel what they want… haha just a suggestion! Am excited about the development of this.
It’s super possible to accidentally create thoughtforms, I have! Like the sexual one was totally not on purpose and are common for some people.
Also have you heard about child regression therapy?


I totally agree with @Darktheo about sending them one love and sensing them more, if they smoked that one time because you tried talking to them it seems like they want attention I’d definitely befriend them, so there still that part of my that’s like how would they be thought form is his cousin seem them but it is possible for thought forms to be seen should ask cousin what type of image I was like scrying image or like scanning image, can thought forms even show up imsgen scrying? But you I’d definitely do stuff to make them happy who knows maybe there actually hella powerful just don’t have a reason to do anything and befriending them more could lead to Allie’s. I closed eyes and thought what are they and seen a piece of paper blurry then an apple makes me think school


I tried to get something to say to spark it in you when they entered or got created and a teacher’s name came to me Mrs libowske or sonthing like that didn’t hear my thought when it shifted to that all that great. I hope you can think of an elementary teacher that has a name similar to that and I can be of one help and it’s not just my Intuition guessing.

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I’ll do that! I’m excited to work on this, especially if they can help me on my path! I’ll have to do a lot of research to give them more energy. Hopefully, I can eventually have them communicate back. Have you been able to work through and interact with the sexual thoughtform? Is there a different way to communicate with them openly? Child regression therapy? That sounds interesting. I’ve never heard about it before :thinking:

Ah, thank you! I’ll definitely have to look into that, the name sounds a bit familiar. I’m not sure how to start with communicating them since I don’t know if it’s different to communicate with spirits compared to thoughtforms :thinking:

Just think they hear you and they hear you, at least I assume. I’m still not wanting to believe there thought form but yea that’s just the blessing heart type I am lol, also weird that they would always be so perfectly formed physically if there thought forms.

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I dunno. They just seem odd. Yeah, I never understood how they are so perfectly visible. I just can’t get them to answer me even if I try and reach them. At first I thought it was some sort of mental disorder or something but I’ve been tested and it’s not so there goes that possible explanation.

I’m stuck on it being thoughtforms or maybe even just one since I never see them separate :thinking: this is such an interesting thing. I need to delve into this completely and look into as many things as possible.

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Just using your will, visualize them and send them that you want to communicate and connect, they will get the message. They seem to be interlinked yes, almost the same…like most twins are, connected.
My sexual thought form calls himself Richard and he started communicating to me and at first I thought he was a separate entity that wouldn’t leave me alone no matter how many protection and banishing I did so I felt his power grow more and more… and he speaks more eloquently each time, like he is learning how to speak… I’m still resisting him alot, but I’m trying to love him and set boundaries.

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