If you know any houngan, mambo, boker that is dying and has no one to transfer their spirits, energy, power to, then I volunteer.

LOL, is this even a serious post?

They would most likely do that to someone they trust and have taught not a person they met through a third party off a forum.

Also, I don’t think there’s any “transfer” you’re either initiated or not, the spirits choose, not the houngan or Mambo.

Yeah, I know. But it was just a shot in the dark. After all it is up to the spirits. They see what we cannot.
So, it is a long shot. But, anything is possible.

I don’t mean to be a dick. But a lot of people on the voodun forum have the wrong information. You can’t go to Barnes and nobles and buy a book and then your a santero. Or a houngan. There’s no way out of it. You have to pay someone to iniate you and teach you. Everybody that’s been in these systems has paid. What makes everybody on here so special that they think the info you just be given to them for free? It’s kind of an insult.

I think a lot of people want to bypass initiation because you may not be able to go as far as you’d wish to go. The spirits decide how far you may go and that just isn’t what people want to hear.

Most people are lazy is one of the problems. Another is that they are mystified by the almighty power of African based systems. That’s really what they want, quick easy access to power because they’re too lazy to try themselves.


See it al the time, people become dependent on spirit rather than rely on their own ability.

[quote="-TWF-, post:6, topic:3996"]I think a lot of people want to bypass initiation because you may not be able to go as far as you’d wish to go. The spirits decide how far you may go and that just isn’t what people want to hear.[/quote] You decide how far you want to go. When god created everything OR Odulmire sorry for the mispellings. He is god in IFA. When he created everything all the Orishas were there. When we all came before god as unborn souls He told the Orishas to close thier Eyes and ears. We then Told god what we wanted our destiny to be. Like Michael Jackson. for instance. The Only Orisha that didnt close his eyes was Orula. When God asked of Orula if He closed his eyes orula said no. God said thats Ok because every creation needs a witness. You know the destiny of every human on earth but The only one who knows when they will die is me. So to answer your question. It may seem like the lwa or orisha are saying no but its only because its not in line with what you YOU. The destiny that YOU chose. Thats why with these systems you have someone to Interperet what the Oracle says. So they then can guide you to be in line to accomplish your mission in life. Theres some people on here that are naturally gifted to be able interact with spirits. Some are crazy And some are full of Shit. LOL As for me I’m not. You have to work at it. This is why I posted the post about the Boveda. I’ll keep it real. The only reason why I even attempted to Evoke Demons is Because I am initiated and I have my spirits that protect me. I never would have had the balls to do that on my own otherwise. I love my Egun all day everyday. But like Euoi said sometimes its just random things that happen. Usually the best indicator for a Novice is your dreams. Because your not conscience when it happens. My Padrino {Godfather} has over 17 years in palo and 10 in Ocha sometimes He’ll look at me and just know things. Like whats going on with a girl that I hooked with that I never told him about. Theres other things that He’s told me that didnt happen yet.Thats why if its important you ask the oracle yes and no quetions to confirm if this what theyre trying to show you to tell your Ahido {Godchild} or Client.Think about how many times in your life when you had a conversation with someone told them very clearly what you wanted and they got it wrong. Think about how hard is for a spirit to commuinicate with you from the otherside.Its the same shit. To get back to what this thread is about. If its not in your destiny to Make Saint Then its not because its for your own good. Its what you chose.

Nice post man, keep the stuff like that coming.

E A said that one of the requirements for initiation into voodoo was the ability to control magic. So it looks like we have to develop ourselves in this area. Also a person has to be inserted into the current by birth or some other way. Those of us that have limited psychic ability some limited energy manipulating experience probably are not at that stage of magic development.
But it all boils down to, if we develop ourselves enough, if we are meant for this path (or any path), and when we are ready and the time is right it will happen.
E A says when ‘you’ are ready the Houngan will find you.
As far as personal work, I like many others use energy energizing techniques such as those at the Joy of Satan’s power meditation section. So, there are those of us that actually work to develop ourselves. That means more control over our own lives.
There are advantages to having powerful spirits around. Their energy can help us grow faster than we would otherwise. They can also keep us from making some serious mistakes.
It is said that those with low energy drain others. There is the other side to that. When a person with low energy meets someone with real high energy like kundalini, it raises to some extent the other person’s energy.
If we do our own personal work, then have powerful spirits around to help us, then that just quickens our evolution.
Of course, someone volunteering for something like drawing these Loa spirits to them may be like playing with fire, a Moth to the Flame, "Fools Rush In."
In my case a few years ago, I would never be on a site like this or the JOS site.
Too much childhood christian programming. “They’re the devil”. “Demons will possess you”. That kind of stuff. So I got over most of that nonsense.
Of course, it is best to not go the other extreme either.
I got something in me that pulls me toward this, beyond just reason and logic.
A lot of us have this. But, in the end, patience is a virtue.
The only reason I said I would volunteer is that many of the houngans and mambos, and their spirits are responsible entities. Of course there are the Bokors and the dark magic. But many are working for a positive thing. So, since I have this attraction beyond my conscious self, I assume there is something more than me drawing me toward this. And since the spirits can see that which we cannot, maybe one or more of them will take me up on my offer. It’s groping in the dark, out on a limb, (playing with fire?), but since this force drawing me is so strong, I figured I would give this a shot.
Again, the spirits see what we cannot, so the decision is theirs. I just give them the opportunity.

Houngans aren’t sitting around looking for anyone, you find the houngam and you build the relationship. Do you have any idea how many people contact me saying they want initiation? More than two thirds I never here from again becausr they think I’m going to chase them done to initiate them. Hell No! I’m way too busy to worry about people wanting to be initiated. Most houngans willake you wait 6 months to a year, because they want to see your integrity as a person before they bestow their spirits onto you. And power is earned not transferred, you have to actually work at this shit and be persistent as hell.