Initiation through qlippoth

People talk about initiating themselves through qlippoth.
What benefit does this have? Why do people do it?


It is because it’s a rewarding process which embraces and re-integrates each aspect of existence, opening the source of primal power.

Qliphothic initiations leads you to self-deification and empowerment.




This explain most of it @anon84896414 :

However I’ll give my two cents here too. Innitiation through the spheres of the Qliphoth has many advantadges, one of the most common is realization of personal power as well as the expansion of consciousness. The qlipha have different powers just like the different sephira have different powers from one another. The power of the sphere instills various lessons to somone which in turn bring them in line with their specific energy if you will. Thereby making you more conducive to manifest that spheres’ specific attributes and in due time by working with the ruler of that sphere. As in wielding their power as well. The lessons of the Qliphoth are harsh and their energies vary in degress of being chaotic, through invoking these energies you’ll have to adapt to the chaos it produces you’ll grow in power, knowledge and wisdom. It’s not easy but its rewarding. The individual lessons vary depending on the sphere as well as powers that you’ll be able to awaken and then wield. F.e. working throuh the sphere of Namaah: Lillith the younger resides there, you’ll likely be able to awaken the power of inciting lust in others or manifesting wealth among other things.

I hope this helps and answers your questions.


Yes it does. Thanks

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