Initiation ritual

I saw an Initiation ritual on VK Jehunnum’s site which seemed interesting. Problem is that I already have invoked demons for my needs. I just went straight ahead in magick without any proper initiation and did whatever I liked with no rhyme or rhythm. I feel like I need to be initiated. Would it be a problem if I did the initiation rite now? Since I’ve already invoked demons before?

You can initiate yourself in whatever path you want, you can even be initiated in many paths if that is your will, and you can initiate yourself with a ritual created by yourself; there is also people who don’t do initiation rituals and work just fine, and different paths give different levels of importance to initiation, from a formality to a lifetime link with the forces, thus be aware of your intentions when you perform the ritual


Yes. My question was that can I initiate officially again because I’ve never made an initiation before and worked with the entities? Because technically, initiation means the first time and this isn’t my first time working with infernal beings?

That is a very sexual concept, as a Thelemite I like it.
I have worked with many entities without initiation in the paths related to them, and I initiated myself into Thelema after years of doing Thelemic things. I might actually initiate myself in everything that I haven’t initiated myself just to tidy things up in the realm of formalities

Partially it’s good to not be initiated at the very beginning. For example, even if there may be an initiation to Neophyte (and according to some authors, it grants a “seed” which is necessary either for magick or spiritual growth) the actual rank of Initiate comes after a while.
Also there is the issue about being qualified for initiation: a condition which may be true right away, or become so after having walked a stretch of the road.