Initiation Into Luciferiansim

Initiation With Lucifer

(This Sigil is one that I channeled from the Darkness itself for Lucifer. I have this one because some people have trouble with parasites attaching to the common sigil for him and imitating him.)


● Draw out the Sigil And place your hand on it.

● Meditate and Go into Trance as deep as you can.

● Say,
Immortal Titan of Light and Darkness, hear my voice. I come seeking the Light of Hell which forever burns bright, clothed in the radiance of my Own Godhood and Power.
The Black Flame is within me and it grows strong with a consciousness of its own.
Initiate me into the Mysteries of my own Light and Darkness…
Make me into a Black Sun, a Hidden Sun.
Giving life to all, and Destroying all at the End of Time.
Siva Nam Oh nama ha
Lucifer, It is my Will that my Black Flame ignite into an Raging inferno of power and knowledge inside me.
Let it pour forth from my eyes and mouth and ears and spirit.
So it is, and so it will be.

● Meditate on The Sigil and Repeat his Enn. Allow him to enter you and posses you fully.

● Take note of anything that comes to mind.



Nice job, @Micah !

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Going to put this on my to do list, sounds like a potentially strong way to connect with Lucifer.

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How the fuck am I supposed to see if I’ve been evoking a parasite? Also great ritual


The Difference is in energy. If it is the real being (in this case Lucifer) you will be completely comfortable with it.

Alarm bells (however subtle) will go off in your mind should anything be off with the Vibration and energy of the being. That normally indicates a parasite is present.

You must know the energy of the entity you are calling, just like you know the energy of your closest friend