Initiation into Hermetics

Greetings forum,

Decided to make journal to keep track I’m my progress tthrough this book. I’ve already started some of it, so don’t expect it to be organized all that great.

I’ll try to post daily about what practices I’m doing in the book, but no promises.


Day 1?

Thought Control Exercises: Observe train of thoughts for a set of time.

I’ve progress to holding this for 9 minutes straight with little difficulty. I find myself categorizing the types of thoughts I have as external, internal, and abstract. I try to ritualise the process by focusing on my body to help quiet my mind.

Good exercise to increase day to day mental awareness, almost relaxing.


Day 2

Doing 10 minutes now. I’ve found that my mind even if relaxed and observed, has a fairly fast pace to it’s thoughts. Noticed I have that the breathe and the mind are intimately connected; slowing my breath slows my mind, and speeding it up does the opposite. Oddly enough when I stop my breathing achieving “no mind” is momentarily easier, like getting rid of a distraction.

Knowledge of the energies around and inside of me randomly comes to me as well, along with how to use it.


Keep up with the journal man, good to hear your success with the methods.

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Appreciate it man :muscle:t6:


Day 3

Thought control exercise

10 minutes of thought observation without any real trouble. Recanting what I thought throughout the 10 minutes is almost perfect.

Thought Discipline exercise

Maintain focus on one thought, idea, and/or subject for an extended time being the goal of this one; to achieve 10 minutes is the benchmark I need to pass to move on. I chose to focus on needles for this one.

After a few tries I managed to hold only the idea of needles in my mind for about 2 minutes, but I could only manage to do it once. My other tries went from around 30 seconds to a minute. I find mental repetitions of words to be a good way to block out other thoughts, but isn’t a perfecg method.

End of third day.

Day 4

Thought Control exercise

11 minutes today. A little harder but I had distractions to deal with as well. Nothing too unusual, but I noticed labeling thoughts make them easier to remember and identify.

Thought Discipline exercise

Out of 3 tries they were all around a minute and 15 seconds. I find myself imagining touching the object I’m focusing on, and I notice it helps me concentrate. My third eye area felt a localized “stimulation” when I really pictured the needle.

Nothing too notable other than that.
End Day 4

Day 5

Thought control exercise

12 minutes of thought observation. I don’t feel adding more will be that beneficial so I’ll stop progressing once I reach 15 minutes. No difficulties this time.

Thought discipline exercise

1 minute and 30 seconds achieved consistently. I suspect this one will be the more difficult of the two to master. Atleast 5 attempts made ( stopped counting after awhile).

End of day 5

Day 6

Missed a day

Thought control exercise

12 minutes with no issues. Nothing remarkable to say.

Thought discipline exercise

Got to 2 and 40 seconds this time. Still find this one to be quite difficult. As long as the needle stays as the forefront in my mind the timer continues, but sometimes I still feel other thoughts in the background of my mind.

Other notes:

The thought discipline exercise has positively affected my ability to receive images in my mind. Figure it has something to do with training the brain to interpret and hold onto energy.

The thought control exercise helps one distinguish external spiritual input better, and bleeds over into the other exercise.

End day 6

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Day 7

Thought control exercise

Relatively no issues again at 13minutes. This exercise is easier to do when well rested.

Thought discipline exercise

Got to 2 minutes and 19 seconds. I feel like this exercise takes a certain amount of mental stamina out of ya. Mind feel quieter performing this one than in the past however. Multiple attemps lower the time.

End day 7

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Continue doing iih

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