Initiation and bloodline

Many cultures prefer to keep marriage and procreation in their own bloodline and culture. They do not want to marry outsiders.
Is voodoo, magic organizations, and such the same way?
I asked some voodoo priests (houngans) at their websites how to get initiated into voodoo and the Loa. Most did NOT respond to me. Others said their would initiate me FOR A FEE, even after one of the websites said that voodoo is like a parent and child relationship. They went on to say that it would not be good to charge the child. But then they said they would sell me the initiation.
As E A said "Initiation cannot be bought."
So I am assuming that the sites that did not respond to me were likely more legitimate than those that responded.
So does anyone know if the houngan bloodline only initiates those in it’s own bloodline and/or nationality? Like in the natural world, so the same thing in the spiritual?
And this goes with various forms of magic, wicca, vampirism, satanic groups, and such.

Not sure about Voodoo, but in Palo they will initiate someone if they feel comfortable with you and will want to get to know you first. It doesn’t have to do with bloodlines, but you do initiate into their House and become part of their Family, but this is not based on race or bloodlines. And yes there is a fee most of the time but they vary. You can’t buy initiation meaning that they are not just handed to you because you paid a fee, but that a reading showed the Spirits chose you for the work and allowed initiation.

Initiation is literally bought. But it shouldn’t be given on to random people (notice I say should, but the fact is that there are priests of the ADR’s out there looking to make a buck).
In all ADR’s, you often call your initiator "Godfather/Godmother ", so this should give you an idea of what the relationship should be like. It’s like a foster parent.
Also note that initiation into the ADR’S are typically expensive because of the ingredients they use. It can sometimes be very material heavy. My ex boss was initiated into Santeria. They had to do multiple animal sacrifices, gave her elekes beads, the vessels for her orishas, etc.

The reason for getting initiated into those religions is typically because you are called by the spirits. Not bloodlines.
Beyond that, it’s possible that certain magical traditions cannot be taught outside of a race or family due to customs or pacts made with spirits. Similar to how gays can’t get initiated into palo mayombe because of the pacts with the spirits (who are dead warriors who executed gays for being gay).

But they’re more than welcome in Quimbanda,which is the cool, badass one anyway.

Definitely. Quimbanda is pretty freaking cool.

Yeah, I can see why the animals, herbs and other ritual tools would cost the initiate a high price to get in.
E A said something about it being very unusual to gave the spirits themselves invite one to get initiated. Of course, he also said that when the invitation is given it cannot be refusef. Heavy stuff there.

It is never a no to get initiated into a religion or such. It only depends on the initiator wanting or not wanting to initiate you into there family. Nobody trusts an outsider it is just that simple. People that sells initiation isn’t always fake it just means they are in it for business like a christian church. Thoughs that don’t, don’t feel you are worthy to be called family or just don’t trust you with there knowledge. Some african cultures however does rely on your blood line and culture mearly due to the spirits you will work with

E A also says that initiation is not easy to get. There is no safe way to practice voodoo and there is no safe way out. He also says you cannot get rid of them.
So it sounds like the best thing to do is go as far as one can and whatever path one is meant to follow will show up. "When the student is ready, the teacher shows up."
As Osho says in the Book of Secrets, "Wish forfillment was not the goal. And unless the aura showed that the student was ready, the master would not initiate."
Especially in such a serious thing as voodoo. “Fools rush in.” Best to just keep doing what we are doing and let the right path come to us.