Initial Archangel Pathworking

After completing my Shadownomicon initiation pathworking, I was told to choose between the Book of Gates and the Lovecraftian current. Since I hadn’t read any Lovecraft, that left the Book of Gates. I will be working through the Book of Gates, a Magical Interpretation by Josephine McCarthy.

Belial had come to me and “suggested” I also begin working with archangels while doing these currents. To have it come out of Belial’s mouth when I worked so heavily in the darker currents was surprising. Previous interactions with archangels left a range of feelings, from uncomfortable to normal to sick. They were mostly amicable interactions and I had nothing against them. I simply never felt drawn to or any sort of resonance with them.

Apparently, it’s a way to stave off the madness that can come from working with either of those paths. This is the primary reason, but there are others that I know are there, but not being discussed by him. Maybe it will ruin the surprise.

In support of this and after starting the reading for the Book of Gates, I was impressed to call upon the archangels from Brand’s Archangels of Magick and work with them in a similar manner as the Shadownomicon entities. I do not know much of anything about any of them and expect to pick up information along the way, coupled with a healthy dose of confusion, contradiction, and, ultimately, (personal) discovery. I am aware that my views and understanding of them and what I’m being shown/told/experience will change over time.


I’m familiar with Josephine McCarthy’s work and I think this makes perfect sense. She takes a home grown but very Christian take on things and works with archangels like Sandalphon, seeing demons the xtian way, as only there to cause harm. She is RHP in attitude while not being a religious follower per se. I’d say her work is very pragmatic which is why I like it.

Samael had me work through her Exorcists Handbook, she has a very interesting and detailed view of the abyss. I also really like her oracle deck, it’s excellent and very informative.


Interesting, thanks. I know this round, I’ll work through the book. The next round, I’ll take a journeying approach towards it.


This is THE book I worked from for my intensive in August, that completely and totally changed my ability to work with the angels…

I’m afraid Rey is right. Something is in the works.

It’s not lost on me that you worked closely with the demons I had a lot of respect for, then one of mine had a portion of your missing puzzle. My entire path working my past life thing, I knew was shadow work from day one, but I didn’t know it was going to tread right into Shadownomicon territory- at all.

I look forward to reading this- after THIS book, and amazing experiences, I had amazing experiences with Raziel’s Path of Power, Archangels Pathworkings, Raziel’s path book 2 has been amazing, and As I wrap up my last day in ritual 22 of Success Magic, all I can say is it has been absolutely freaking astounding and amazing.

I think you were doing amazing work, but what you’re about to get into… this could be game changing. Best wishes.


(This was a week ago)

I felt I should contact Archangel Ariel before starting this and I don’t know why. I feel like she’s amused at my confusion, too.

M: Thank you for coming.

A: You heard my call and I heard yours.

M: I don’t understand. You’re not in the book, yet, I felt I should call on you first.

A: Because I will watch over you.

M: I don’t understand why that would be needed.

A: You don’t have to. It also means I will help sort things out when needed.

(I started to question, but she indicated she wasn’t going to give more at this time)

You have a longer journey than just this book.I will help guide you through some of it, when it makes sense for me to do so.

M: Which archangel should I start with?

A: Uriel. You’ve met.

M: Thank you. Is there anything else?

A: No, I will call on you when you should speak to me.

M: Thank you.

A: You thank too much



(Ariel came to me when I was working on a wand.)

A: You should contact Uriel.

M: I will.

A: Tonight? (It was more a statement than a question)

M: Tonight should work. Which method?

A: The book.

M: For what?

A: Read more of the book. (She indicated the conversation was done, but she remained).

M: Very well

She left.

I read more, using intuition as a guide. It ended up being Uriel’s Quality of Projection. She confirmed. I started the 3 day process of invocation.


I did the reflection on the Quality for four days, as circumstances at home mandated it.

But the morning of the fourth day, I ran into someone that normally works second shift in a different department, using the only printer on the floor that was working on this side of the building. It’s twenty feet from my desk. He suggests I look into changing positions into another area, offered to mentor me through all of the training levels, and told me who to hit up to see if the hidden positions he knew of were still available!

I got that nagging feeling that something non-ordinary had happened. Before I even finished the evocation.

I did perform the ritual that night. This style of working is certainly more subtle than what I’m used to.


Ariel came to me in my ritual space, as I was outside working on a wand.

M: Good Evening.

A: What did you learn from this (the delivery of the Quality of Projection)?

M: The act came before the invocation.

A: Did it? (She waited as I thought)

M: You’re suggesting the answer didn’t? The incident, the delivery, came before I finished the invocation.

A: Finished.

M: So this was a demonstration that the result comes before the ritual in certain circumstances?

A: When did the ritual start?

(I almost said 4 days prior, but the answer didn’t feel right).

M: When I firmly decided to do it.

A: Yes. It is easy to forget that the ritual begins when there is the decision to perform it. Remember that when you’re building up for one of your longer-term projects.

M: I will, thank you.

A: Keep going with Uriel.

I nodded and she left. Next up, the Quality of Communication.



I completed the invocation for Uriel’s Quality of Communication. I could feel him looking over me as I did it.

I was going to put if off until tomorrow, but he had come to me earlier today to let me know it should be done today. I complied.

Ariel came into the area after I completed it. Rather than continue with the third Quality with Uriel, I am to invoke Raphael. The third with Uriel will have to wait.

To be honest, I felt like this Quality was more for some expected interviews for a few internal positions I applied for that will likely take place later this month or early next month.


Ariel seems to like you. She is amazing to work with. I wonder if you’re going to get pulled down a nature rabbit hole? :thinking:


I have a feeling I won’t know what hole she’s going to push me down until I feel her hands on my back…


I felt earlier that I should be less concerned with Raphael’s Qualities and evoke him for a chat. I “knew” I should do this for days, but have resisted because it isn’t in the format I expected to follow with the book. Guess it’s one of those times I should listen more and think less.

I began my evocation process and knew he was already close by.

R: Why do you plan for an evocation, when you know I’m already here? We’ve met. You know me (signature).

M: To better prepare myself for the conversation. What do you wish from me?

R: I don’t. You called me.

(Was this some joke, a riddle? I tried to think of when this happened. I couldn’t)

M: I don’t remember doing this.

R: When does the ritual start? I’ve been waiting.

M: I didn’t feel like the Qualities were what I was supposed to work with you for (first).

R: There is a working first. On you. Allow me to (do the working).

M: What is it? (My mistrust was kicking in. Ariel came into the area).

A: Allow him to. You’re still broken.

M: I expect to be. Hard lessons leave scars.

A: To get back part of what was taken from you.

M: I consent.

(I felt things being done in my head and chest, but can’t describe it. When it was done, I felt light-headed and nauseated).

R: There. That will start the process. I’ll do more tonight when you’re not resisting as much.

M: Thanks, I think.

R: Don’t make the same mistakes that got you into this position. It can be redone.

They left.

He’s referring to whatever illness I came down with after the War. I fought the VA for ten years and the only thing they could figure out was that it wasn’t in my head, but didn’t have enough to diagnose it.

I was left with it hurting to breathe and unable to walk to the mailbox without almost fainting. I’ve crawled my way back on my own ever since, but I’m a shade of my former physical self.

I found out last year from Lucifer, Belial, and Hecate that this was done to prevent me from just going back to War until I pressed my luck one too many times. That’s what he was referring to.

So, I guess I’ll see how things go from here.


Wow, great experience! Can’t wait to read more! :slight_smile:


It’s bothering me more than I thought, to be honest. I got sick in 2005 and I’m torn between wanting to believe it’ll at least be reduced and my typical skepticism. Here’s to hoping.


I completely understand the scepticism, my friend. From what you said, though, it sounds like the spirits deliberately made you sick so you wouldn’t go back to war so I see no reason why your ailment wouldn’t be relieved by more spiritual intervention.


(This was entered into my notes the same day as my previous entry)

I’ve been reflecting on my experience earlier with Raphael and decided to look at the Qualities mote intently. The Quality of Self Healing was of interest, but I felt I should look deeper.

The illness was the result of self-medicating using War as the means. Once I had that thought, it became clear that the Quality of Ease should be next.


For the Quality of Ease, I chose several scenarios that were traumatic in different ways. Many were from childhood or my teens, some from the War. I also felt I should unfocus and gaze at the book sigil for several minutes after reflecting on the Quality.

At the completion of the invocation, I didn’t notice much of anything, but that could be because I became ill with a cold that I still have. I could feel Raphael in the area for the invocation, but didn’t feel the need to talk to him, nor that we was looking to talk to me. I don’t know whether to say it was a success, but I had the impression this may manifest more over time.


I have found the effect of the Quality of Ease to be extremely subtle. I didn’t even notice the shift for over two weeks. It’s like my mind is simply no longer in the past. The past is still there, of course, but it’s no longer the focus, if that makes sense.


Thanks. Make sense. I’ll have to see if I have the same thing happen.


I was doing really well with this, until I got side-tracked by the holidays and being sick for a few weeks…

My last “task” given by Ariel was to contact Tzadkiel. Earlier today, Tzadkiel (lightly) came to me and reminded me of my task. I’m sure I spiritually “blushed”, but hadn’t forgotten the Quality. The Quality of Tolerance.

So, I will be getting back on track with this.