Inherited karma or life cycle from wife?

Hello everyone,

I got an interesting but sadly too deep situation, long story short, my wife’s mother was the same age as my wife is now(26) (so her mother was 26 when her dad committed suicide) and in my wife’s life I’m really like a father figure, and somehow suicide seems more and more close to me.

Years ago my wife told me that when she was 2-3 years old, or like 5 before she slept and old man appeared at her bed, I’m almost sure that this was the wandering spirit of her mother’s sucicied dad.

But since it is a shame in their family line she does not know that her grandpa committed suicide, but she got “ill” where she tried to suicide too a few times, all these times failed and this is where I feel like my part comes in,

Does it possible that

A, I inherited their family’s “crazyness” and because she didn’t die in those attempts I have to?

B, Does it possible that it’s a life cycle thing that her mothers dad committed suicide, and now that when my wife is the same age as her mothers was, now because her mother could not get over this, she (my wife) has to carry this “problem” again, and the only way to do that if I commit suicide since I’m more likely a father figure than her dad do the situation would be 90% the same as it was for her mother.

Both of these bothers me really, any idea on how to give back or get away from these non me related things?

I really don’t get how you come to this conclusions.

Doesn’t seem like it could be related to you. In any way. Look into your own issues if you feel down. Seriously, I don’t think her personal history has anything to do with whatever you’re going through.

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I’m just trying to discover every little or big aspect of my life that may control it, to allow me to gain the full control.