Ingredients for transmuting negativity into positivity?

I’m thinking of performing a healing spell for the heart and mind. My intention is to target negative feelings and thoughts, which can become obstacles (fears, insecurities, trauma, hanging onto old ideas that no longer work, etc.) and transmute them into positive ones (hopefulness, confidence, love, willingness to try new ideas that do work, etc.).

What are some herbs, minerals, curios, incense, and spirits that do exactly this kind of transmutation?

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Green calcite’s good, better IMO than rose quartz which is often mentioned for this type of thing.

The Archangel Raphael should be able to help as well, he deals with information as well as healing and this kind of thing is a combination of both.

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I would just like to point something out from my own experience considering healing and negative energies. This is a learn from my mistakes thing.

I am a 3rd degree Usui Reiki Master thingy (I hate titles), but when I reached 2nd degree I started to intuitively pull negative energy out of people. I don’t recommend it for your own sake, apparently not everyone can handle it. However, that’s the not the point of the story. One day I was doing a session with a guy I worked with. I decided to pull all of the negative energy out of his body because the general idea was, if there’s no negative energy then there won’t be any illness or dis-ease. So, that’s what I did, he felt absolutely fantastic and left to go home. The next day at work he came to me and told me he won’t be coming for any more sessions. He told me 2 hours after he left he literally didn’t have enough strength in his body to stand up. It took him the entire night to regain his strength.

My Reiki teacher decided to try and help me with this, and I did a session on her so she could ascertain the problem. Every little cut, scar or wound on her body became so infected, even a mosquito bite on her ear, that she ended up going to hospital. It was not a pretty sight. Anyway, she was a good teacher, and after she recovered, we continued. All I had to do was find a balance.

So the moral of the story is, leave enough negative energy to maintain a balance. Regarding your actual question, don’t transmute the negative energy, just add positive. What you are probably looking at is a lack of positive energy and so adding it will bring back the equilibrium.

Yeah, I’ve tried pulling the negative energy out. This is for someone else, by the way. It didn’t work so well. The negativity just seemed to replenish itself almost instantly. Adding positivity didn’t seem to make a dent. It was like there was so much negativity that it swallowed up what positivity there was. The negativity is a block on several levels. Then I tried to take the negative energy into me. Once I had it, I’d have better control over how to dispense with it… or so I thought. That didn’t work out so well, either. I feel terrible.

So I figured, if there’s already so much negativity in this person, why not just transmute the negativity itself? Make do with what’s already there, and use the negativity against itself.

I hadn’t heard of green calcite for this, but this is interesting. I’d heard about selenite for this. Maybe I’ll try both. In your experience Lady Eva, how did you use the green calcite to do this kind of thing?

Maybe something else has control of the situation and isn’t allowing any healing to take place? If you do take energy into yourself in these situations, don’t let it get past your elbows. Have you read Shaman, Healer, Sage by Villoldo? I found it to be interesting and gave me some good ideas. He speaks about pulling energy out of people and how to get rid of it, and also things like dead relatives who attach themselves to people they were close to, entwining their energy around the person’s central nervous system. He explains a way of running energy down the spine to release it and then draw it out.

I think your best bet at the moment would be to get some answers as to what is actually going on with the energy in the person’s body, divination maybe?

If you hate something, the moment you realize that, take some deep breaths, calm yourself, create the feeling of love inside you and project it unto the thing. Do this more often and in no time you will not feel hate anymore if you encounter it. The feeling of love will come up then. You have set programs in your unconcious mind that do that. For example people whoms face you dont like, and as soon as you see them you develope some kind of hate or fear. Those are the ones you can work with, the ones you hate most you want to love most. And watch your whole world transforming in just doing that little thing.

Its pretty easy and utter effective. Also called alchemy :slight_smile:

Stones and stuff from my perspective are only support for the mind to focus on the outcome. You dont need anything from outside to accomplish your goals.

Epsilon, that’s awesome. I can see how it can work for me, if I were trying to create this change within myself. How might you do this if you’re trying to create this change within another person for them?

Panlupa I haven’t read that book, but I’m reading it now. Within the first few chapters, it gives me some good ideas as well. I’ll keep reading further. I don’t think I’ve gotten to the part where he speaks about pulling energy out of people yet, but I did read about the case of the mother and the spirit of the dead daughter plaguing the mother.

It didn’t occur to me to consider that something else might be controlling the situation and preventing the healing. I’d do a divination to see if this is the case, but I can’t right now. I’m still feeling out of sorts after attempting to draw the person’s negativity into me for healing. I drew the negative energy well past my elbows.

If you walk the street, what you think/feel(especially) the other thinks/feels about you or others, is exactly what they do think/feel. Because we are all one. Im talking about the subtile thoughts, not the concious thoughts. If you can stop analysing and just see things as they are you can change them by applying feelings (energy) to change them.

Every kind of doubt might even bring up the opposit of what you trying to accomplish.

Also keep in mind to never try to make something not happen. Because the universe doesnt know ‘i want or i dont want’ it just knows energy. And what you put energy on will most likely happen. Depending on how much energy you put on it. The feelings you are sure of inside (those you probably barely feel because you judge them as ‘normal’) are the strongest ones. Because they imply a sure feeling (without doubt)

Also try to force yourself to see this persons hate transform into love. If you can believe without a doubt - everything is possible and will happen.

The one and only reason why magical operations do not work is doubt: without exceptions.

could be that you made a bad ritual or something, but still if you believe a 100% in the outcome it will happen. Rituals etc from my point of view are also just to support the believe. We dont need them.

You can charge it with love and release of pain (calcite is great for changes, cutting and clearing in a healthy way - I keep some near magickal tools when I want to cleanse them from a heavy bit of work) and use it as the focal point for the emotions and the work.

If you channel unconditional love, or healing, it will amplify and hold, or “host” those emotions,and in mye xperience amplify them - like yelling into a chamber and the echo perpetuates. This is the concept behind “charging” any crystal, that it keeps repeating the intent you place in it.

I don’t believe these things are just mental props (with respect to Epsilon, and the many people who believe this) because, unless a person is so “evolved” they can drink poison and have it be like a refreshing glass of water, chemical structure does count for something, so in this case the chemical structure of calcite seems to correlate to a certain clearing and healing energy, and the colour green is associated with the heart chakra, and also with healthy growth.

Keep green anything away from people with cancer or raging infections (for that same reason, they have enough things growing) but for healing the heart and moving on from negativity or whatever I’ve found this works very well.

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I’d definitely work at getting rid of that as soon as possible, but at the same time try and find out what the energy is connected to in the person you were healing (will help to figure out the best way to release it from yourself and that person). For yourself you would have to target the specific energy so you pull out only that energy and then work on bringing yourself back into equilibrium. Best thing I can think of is to move it back down your arms, possibly scan you body to see if it moved as far as your spine and central nervous system to be sure, and out into something. Either straight into the earth where it can be absorbed and altered, or into a crystal. The Inca and other tribes always seem to be focused on large clear quartz, but maybe Lady Eva has another idea for a stone that could pull out and absorb the energy?

I like this idea of using a crystal to get this negative energy out of my body. Maybe that green calcite that Lady Eva mentioned can take this energy and transmute it into positive ones?

While I have this negative energy in me (I think it’s dissipating a little, because it isn’t messing with me as much) how might I use it to find out what this energy is connected to in the person I’m healing?

You could use quartz for this but you’d need to cleanse it afterwards, I use a couple of quartz points to channel energy out of the person and then “heal” the quartz afterwards by transmuting it.

It’s kind of hard work (depending on the severity of the problem) - you might be better off doing something like this, Basic Limpa and using green calcite or rose quartz, or charged plain quartz, to heal and restore healthier energies.