Ingredients for spell against cancer

Hello everyone.

My grandmother (75) is suffering from lung cancer at the moment.

She and her daughter had cancer few years before and fighted it successfully.

She started suffering from water being in her lungs and free floating in her body like 1-2 years before,
at the moment she is having problems with breathing, even since the water was successfully removed.

I already used my connection towards Sandalphon and prayers / direct call on Raphael.
Here I want to thank lady Eva for bringing him up.

Now, I live in one flat with her, and since she’s getting influenced by me spiritually anyway, I want to be sure to make a ritual really fitting there dangers.

Therefore I thought about setting up a ritual towards Raphael.
I’m not sure what offerings will fit.

I also thought about working with Paimon on it, but I haven’t developed the trust for him yet, and I really want to be sure not to produce more harm.

(earlier in life I was getting hard proven that missing trust, upcoming doubt and fear are almost sure to turn heal into curse)

I’m glad about any advice offered to this topic.

Thank you all.



You could try working with the angel Cassiel, the Angel of Saturn - as with any recommendation, do some divination first (or get some done).

My reason for proposing this is that Saturn governs healthy limitations, and endings: cancer comes about when cells overgrow due to faulty DNA (among other things, obviously) and also those cells don’t die as easily as a normal cell, so those energies of Saturn may be helpful.

There’s plenty of information about Cassiel online and I think if you’re working with Raphael, while in my experience he will work alongside demons, this might be more harmonious.

I recall that E.A. mentioned he once asked Paimon for help to heal his daughter when she was ill and Paimon didn’t do that, it’s in the Dixie State Evocation seminar.


Thanks to lady Eva.

The piece of lung they checked for it’s texture was found to be necrotic, so I’m concerned if the cancer flag was a misinterpretation in the first place, or if they add up.

However, the next part of hospital care started today, with a promise of being done after three days.

That might already be affected from the ritual work.

I’ll see how it goes on.

Best regards,


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If you are into angels, not only demons, Rorex or Assiel would be the way to go. Especially Rorex.

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Just to give a little update on it:
Her current state i was told asbout:

She’s in mental and physical good condision, based on age and grade of sickness.
Thus, i was told she haves very little own desire to keep living and hold onto it.
On the other side, beliving there woun’t be a afterlife, she consideres the current state a slow and painfull way down, wich is exactly opposide to what she believes to be a good death.

Thus, my point of view to it, simply said, she is far before her real / natrual end of life span.

Therefore i’ll stick to the topic in my personal way.

I’ll also do another work, going for her concius field, based on the intend she is supposed to look into life as a good thing and worth to fight for and regenerate.

She is set into Chemical therapy now.

The first ritual was a candle spell.

The next one is going to use crystals and concentrate the energy i push to the topic much more concentrated.

As my tiping suggest’s, i’m kinde humbled at the moment some times, wich comes from the intesety of several things wich are going on at the moment.

One of my last workings made a very short but detailed visual projection, also gonna work on that side by side.

And thank you for the great suggestions.

Best Regards,



One thing you could do, if you know how to journey, would be to go to the upper world, and ask to her Guardian Angel or Higher self what do you have to do to help them to help her out.

Please bear in mind that in that system, you have to respect the person’s will, which means that you can’t operate on he/she if you don’t have his/her permission. But still, you could gather information that will be useful to you.

My prayers go to your grandma.


As it turns out, her health state was a necessity towards my life progression.
I really appreciate your tip, it seems absolutely correct thing to do.

The state she became in was triggering my whole family to shift their opinions and force me to move out.
Basically it’s not the way I asked for it, but it’s what I asked for.

Guess this way of outlining it, is a result of having to much doubt in general.

However, she is getting help, on all the different problems that developed.
Her own point of view is, she rather slept in without awaking then going through that medical procedures and being weakened so drastically.

As I’m moving out at the moment, I noticed her sleeping on a day what she used to sleep in a week.
I stopped direct influences on her, since she’s basically loosing the physical presence and protection she was used to have by having me around.
However, I do prayer / energy delivery to her every now and then, based on my instinct.

Guess this topic is closed from now on.

Thanks to all of you.
best regards


Final post to this topic:

Grandma died, about 9 weeks after me moving to my new living place,
in the most appropriate fashion.
She found a deep sleep without waking up again, with is considered one of the most favorable, peaceful dead, one can have in my family. That resulted a situation very acceptable for the close family and literally marking the whole of family a little bit into new condition.

I was very focused onto her for a few meditations after her passing,
and at the funeral I channeled energy from her through out the entire church, from beginning to end.

A close female friend, Sitting in there with me and grounding me by holding tense hand contact, told me afterwards she was really shocked about the heavy waves of energy, flashing of my body.

This leaves me with a general good situation towards the family, and peace in mind because of knowing I couldn’t have done otherwise without massive impact on every one.

It also left me with a strong bond of pure etheric connection to her.

So if the moment comes where I feel like contacting her, I know for certain, that that’s gonna be a massive evoke.

Thank each of you for taking delight on this topic.

May it prune in the vortex of forgotten now.

(please delete. This topic).

Best regards,

¥ Yberion


to my younger self:




Also, since you may need the mechanisms to incorporate the working:

here you go, yberion.

Feel free to message me when you’ve successfully implemented those.

I’m looking forward to hear your success.




House of Kel from the sphere of Mercury

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[chatlog on teaching a fellow magician what he can do to work against cancer]

Sorry I just read this now

And I thought ur a heavy reader lol

Also, my friend’s uncle has cancer she’s also a magician

She was asking me for help

And this field of magick is over my head

And ur one of the coolest smartest magicians I know

So my question is how can he be cured? Or atleast be given more years

  1. Januar 2019

yberionheute um 06:57 Uhr

that’s to be seen as an own answer in and of it self

and propably even more importend then what i’m about to say now.

Cancer, to really understand it, is a disease of overgrowth.

So, the best aproach energetically,

is to have the patient which needs cure,

to talk a little bit about what concerns them, and what’s been emotionally big for him recently,

to the person curing him.

get the patient to lay relaxed on a massage board or bed / couch when that’s done.

start with warming your hands, and polarizing them into left hand absorbing (black, yang), and right hand giving, (white, yin) energy.

go over the body, and see if you can feel some area’s stick out energetically,

without touching the skin.

if yes, keep them in mind, it’ll be importend later-

now, gently massage the back of the patient, more reading the body then massaging,

but still helping the person to relax.

feel into the patient, and try to identify where there’s something out of place / to much energy at a specific point.

after the massage, go back to scanning the energetic aura, without touching the skin.

That should give you some very specific points to work on-

note, that even if you have x-rays and know exactly where the cancer is, those spot’s don’t necessarily have to be the same as the cancer on the picture.

now, cast a shield on your own heart chakra, and start invoking healing deities

(raphael, if you’re not really into that stuff, but if you have specific healing deities, go for those.)

start -without speaking aloud - adressing to the spirits:

i ask you to help me, and guide me, in healing this person completely

i care for this person, and i want it to become completely well.

at this point, you should feel a small little shift within you, or the patient.

now, start opening the area’s you’ve identified, by rotating your hand above it.


counter clockwise

clockwise again

what that does, is it helps you to get specifically inside the body, not somewhere above or below it

now, draw as much of that energy you feel being out of alignement,

out of that body parts which you’re working on,

as you can.

drain it completely empty, if possible.

you restore the Energy with healing energy, that you conduct through your own body

(hence, that’s why you needed the shield on your heart, in order to keep safe and not aflict yourself with sickness)

the process of raising the healing energy goes as follows:

below your nable, you gather energy, which you gain from above, through your crown and upper chakras, collecting down there.

at the end of your spine, you also gather energy, but from below, out of the earth around you.

those two energies, are the core energys used for healing, so don’t worry about having a little bit more then you actually need there.

these are safe storage points within the body.

now, compress the belly,

focusing on these two energies mixing.

you should be able to control the density and frequency you feel.

make it match to the energy of the patient, in the healthy area’s around the ones you identified for treatment.

make the Energy combine inside of you,

and then channel it up, through your arms,

and into the patient,

into the body parts which have to be healed.

fill it up, until it matches the regular body charge state of the healthy areals.

that is cleaning the “wounds” and closing them,

just like a surgery would cut the patient open, take the defected parts out,

and then close the wound, by stitching it together for healing it by itself.

now, cannel the energy through the spine of the patient.

focus mentally, on raising it’s natrual Cell generation (i know this sounds counter intuitive, but just trust me there)

and try to see how new healthy cells are being created within the spine, and the flooded out into the blood,

and from there, into the muscles and skin.

this should take a little bit of time, since this process is commonly slow.

the patient should visibly change in posture during these steps,

and may also adress feeling differently.

tell him to just relax, stay calm, and recieve the healing you’re working on for him.

the next step, is flushing out the middle tube.

you lay your absorbing hand above the crown chakra (the left one),

and your giving hand, above the butt of the person.

and you start channeling a rotating ball of energy, through your arms, and through the aorta (a blood vessle in front of the spine),

where it’s cleaning the whole blood circulation of the patient.

the circular motion, will also open the chakras a little bit,

and energize the person.

however, their overall feeling from all the work before, is being weakenes, nervous and unstable

so this step is actually helping with grounding it back into a good safe zone.

lastly, you want to expand a chi ball, over the complete aura of the person.

make it a shield, focusing on filtering good emotional balance and healthy emotions being allowed in,

and negative ones blocked out.

don’t make that shield to strong, just a gentle layor of protection,

like a ahesive bandage you would place on the body after a surgery.

At that point the treatment should be done,

and you can give the patient some time to stay laying down and integrating all of the work you just did

ideally, leave the room for 20-30 minutes for that.

it’ll help to avoid the usual rush you’d have when sendt to a therapist or treatment place,

and instead really give the person some time to adapt.

finally, once the patient stood up,

you adress all questions which may have came up,

and also guide him, if you feel there’s needed to replace, remove or start a habit or some persons withint the patients life.

that should close the work and also help the patient build further trust, into what just happened,

and how that’ll actually help to heal him.

note, that this isn’t surgery itself, even tho i used termonoligy of surgery, to describe the process.

this can be added and combined to regular school medicine (cutting open, and removing tumor)

or be used by it’s own,

but i wouldn’t bet all my coin on just one session, if there’s no school medicine treatment going along with it.

Wish i had known that stuff 5 years earlier, when i myself asked to get help / guidience on healing a cancer case within my family.



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This method seems like Pranic Healing :slight_smile:

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yes, you’re right ElectricDragon.

It’s the system i specialized in, i guess.

you can heal it with cannabis oil or pokeroot tincture, you can also look into more natural healing methods with naturopathic doctor robert morse. ask belial if you want to make sure

I heard that a glass of water, lemon juice, acv, teaspoon of baking soda and raw honey helps fight cancer cells.

(Stir untill it stops fuzzing)

Also cut suger, all kinds.