Ingredients for baneful curses

Today I just just had a bseball size tumor removed from my Bloodhound Molly’s leg. being a Bloody she already has several tumors but this one was just too big of a drag to look at. I had the thought occur to me to save it for using in some curse work i am in need of doing. Well that was followed by another thought. Is there a “complete list” type thing where I can begin collecting whatever herbs substances and ingredients to keep on hand? I guess for that I should also have non malific stuff should I for some reason Bless instead of Curse.

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I would believe that is a strong black magick ingredient that could be used for black magick/curses etc.
It depends what you are trying to do, I would presume.

I am sure there is a list of stuff floating online, depending on what type of magick you are doing.

Try googling it bro or going to /x/

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I like to use bones, rusted nails, pins, needles, tacks, razor blades, volcanic stone found in the cemetery, graveyard dirt, wasps nest, red ant hill dirt, broken glass, claws, teeth, chicken feet (has other uses too), dried insects, bullet shells, pieces of rusted barbed wire, and stagnant water.