Ingredient Swap


For anyone interested, I would be willing to mail locally available spell ingredients in exchange for things in your area.
I’ve noticed there are members from all over the world here, and this could be helpful to all.
I’m in the south eastern US, so the first thing that comes to mind is all the white quartz we have, some of which has red iron veins. Tons of pine, and cedar (from cemeteries too), sage, mint, magnolia, snake sheds, deer bones, etc. And tons of other things I can’t think of at the moment.
Anyway, I could mail stuff to you (for free) if you’ll send things from your area.
Just an idea. We’re all in this together.
Help a witch out.
Send an email to if interested.


I think that’s a great idea. I’m in SE US also. May I ask where do u generally find your quartz at?


It’s all over the ground here in this part of NC. A great deal of it is solid, pristine white, but there are red ones too. Lots of gold in NC, and there is a definite relationship between gold and quartz.


Interesting idea. I like it though.
But i can’t send anything at this moment.

Others in the community will enjoy doing this i am sure of that.


Nice! I live in Appalachian part of SE KY. I know our area is very similar but if you can think of something I could send you I’d love to trade for quartz.


Sweet! I will look into indigenous Kentucky stuff.


Are you close to any battlegrounds?


Yes, I am about 43 miles away from The Battle of Richmond site which was one of the largest Confederate victories of the Civil War. On a side note my family has 150 acres of land where there were major skirmishes between Native Americans and settlers.


Sounds great! Send me an email and we can work out the details.




Your package is on the way :smile:


There are also feathers in this area that may not be available to others, such as turkey, cardinal, and blue jay. I find these often if anyone needs them.


Awesome, thanks!


If you get any animal skulls I’d be interested in a trade. Not sure what I’d have different from you though, I’m in south ga …


Any kind of skull? No problem. I’ll let you know when I run across something.


Awesome, thanks :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea. I would say though, be careful how you wrap and label it. Plant matter and soil are illegal to mail to the US for disease prevention reasons. If they figure it out the package will just be confiscated with no notice and your money wasted.

Which is not to say you can’t get it to work. My mum used to mail me cheese stating it was soap and it worked. also seed packets (can’t get swedes over here but I can grow them :slight_smile: ) . Always with $0 as the value.


I never thought of that. The stones from the bronze aged burial site are always being taken, as in the rocks on the floor( not gravestones) There is nowhere quite like it, you can feel the history.


I also have eucalyptus branches, and red brick dust (from an old church if it matters).


That’s a great idea. The only problem for me is the brazilian postal service, because Correios is lame!

But in Brazil we have a lot of herbs, specially, and stones. But here we have some african religions and we miss a lot of ingredients here, like entengo powder (wich is VERY used in some rituals) and also we lack some north american ones.

But get in touch if you need something from here. I’ll do my best to sent for you.