Infusing energy into an audio recording-advice sought

Hey all. I’ve got quite good at infusing/charging/attuning objects and images with specific energies.
But doing the same with audio recordings is proving to be something of a foil.
I am hoping to hear from people with knowledge or experience in this specific endeavour.

One would think simply channelling the energy through with the intention whilst making the recording would probably be the ticket. But as my process of making recordings for people requires me to be fully engaged in that process, I can’t really do that. That degree of multi tasking has proven undoable without compromising the aforesaid process.

So is there another way?
Speculatively, I wonder whether listening to the recording after completing to it and trying to push the energy into that may be an option. Or would one simply push it into the icon of the saved file as one would do with an image be viable (this feels less likely than the previous thought)?

So to anyone with knowledge or experience in this particular thing, what do you suggest and/or what have you tried and found to be effective or ineffective?

Many thanks in advance

I’ve done this myself and it’s very effective if you can pour a lot of energy into it. Listen to it several times, give your everything with intent, focus as heavily as you can on the intention. Then when it’s listened to, the energy is activated. I did this before and found the spell and energy held strong even after a long time.

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Excellent, many thanks!
Does this translate well to other copies of the recording?

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I didn’t try this with copies, but I’d think it’d still hold. I’d do some divination over the copy just to be sure that the spell and energy are still there.

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