Infusing Ceremonial Drinks Wine/Mead/Other Alcohols With spiritual power?

Anybody who’s read Necromantic Sorcery probably knows what I’m getting at.

What do you guys think about taking a drink (preferably alcohol since it’s what’s used in most rituals) and infusing it with an intent or power or yes even possessing the drink with a spirit of your choosing.

For those who haven’t read Necromantic Sorcery,Dantewalks you step by step in how to possess a bottle of rum or Absinthe with different Loas.

He also gives you herbal mixtures to add to the bottle to let ferment over a certain amount of time which almost all of the concoctions involve wormwood.

But my idea is more along the lines of infusing a substance with a certain power or trait you wait to acquire.

Let me walk you through a little experiment I JUST tried before posting this.

I found a website listing the 72 names of God some time ago and prayers that go with each one that you are to invoke after meditating on the name.

For anyone who hasn’t researched what I’m talking about I strongly urge you to Google “How to summon the 72 names of God”.

Now what I did was pick a name. “Ayinh Lamed Mem”.
This name’s purpose is to deflect all negative thoughts and create a more positive attitude.

What I did was pour a shot of rum and began vibrating the name with my right hand over the shot glass pouring the energy of my intent to rid my mind of negativity into the drink.
I then scryed into the rum and structured (to the best of my ability) the Hebrew letters that spell the name.

I then recited the prayer that is given with the name over the rum and then vibrated the name one last time over the drink using my breath as my energy source of intent.

I drank the shot and felt immediately relaxed.
In the last part of the prayer it says something along the lines of “Where a space has opened in myind I find a ray of light appear”

So I visualized just that.A ray of light entering my brain through my Ajna chakra.

I let out a sigh of relief like something had been lifted from me.
See I’m what you call a “worrier” and have extreme anxiety issues sometimes to the point where I can’t function for anywhere from a fewinutes to a day or more because the attacks are that bad.

Now fore to feel sudden relief is not common.
Itay have just been the meditation and the prayer but the relief seemed to peak when I took the drink.

Now with that out of the way what do you guys think about adapting this to well…almost anything.

Things like spirit possession,majickal intents,or even mind control by performing this rite over a targets glass of wine?

Has anyone else experemted with this?
Give me your guy’s input and maybe we can create a working reliable system for this.


I do this alot, and ita nice stuff indeed. I have a bracken in the store I work at and everyday I will give it some imbued water. I once imbued the water with a deep hatred and gave to it. Although it didnt dry down, it withered a few minutes later and just came back to normal after 2 weeks.

Some years ago, I was walking stoned back home and theres a house in the way I used to take that is always full of garbage and rats in front of it. Suddenly, I heard a voice: why dont you wipe those rats away? It was automatic, I had a piece of metal in my hands that I instinctively imbued and threw at the garbage. Never saw a single rat again there xD

Absolutely - got a couple of points on this so get ready for those run-on sentences to make their return!

1- It’s easily overlookable in an occult practice, but there’s real validity in the concept of ‘blessing one’s food’. Having broken ties to Christian devotional religion years ago, imagine how bemusing it was to find instructions for essentially blessing water and food in Bardon’s Initiation Into Hermetics.

You may wonder, “what’s the damned point when you’re too enlightened these days to credit your continued existence to bearded white god in the sky?” Well, what does drive your existence then? If you’re a black magician, isn’t it, or doesn’t it become, yourself? Acknowledging this, gracefully taking a moment to “thank yourself” (lol, I know) and by taking stock of how your needs are met, -relaxing- more and -worrying- less (very important for sure) are just the basic benefits of taking these scant moments even before you charge the items with your energy the way it’s instructed in probably several places (but certainly IIH if you haven’t checked it out). Very basic, very easy, very empowering routine when you charge even your food and drink with health, life, and spirit! And once again to touch on the weird-seeming “thanking yourself” thing, the point of that is to reinforce your acknowledgement of yourself as the driving force in your world, the axis which the circle turns around. Like someone on this forum said Azazel told them, if you habitually act as though you are in charge, pretty soon the universe will follow suit - and it’s as true as it is badass!

2- Now for the strange one, and this is just a recent personal experience of mine so you can take it or leave it, but the possibilities are fucking tantalizing! I have an altar set up to Odin in my bedroom, and I make sure to keep a glass on it filled with a drink he approves of, usually homemade mead but sometimes whiskey (Odin is fond of Islay scotches). So when I got back from a stay in the desert several days ago, I made sure to refill the glass. I was drinking a scotch at the time, so I poured some of that for the camaraderie of ‘drinking together’. An important note for what’s about to happen is that I don’t really ‘consecrate’ my drink offerings to him. We have a good working relationship and he’s pretty much a permanent guest of honour in my home, so I consider him present and powerful enough to treat his own drink as he sees fit, there’s nothing done to it on my part except pouring it and whatever I happen to say as I do so (and often I’ll hang out and drink with the Allfather for a little bit).

So a couple of nights ago I was about to conduct my first ritual since getting back, and first I was going to have a word with Odin, and then a rune casting on the altar before actually going through with the ritual. After initial talks (if it has any bearing on this account, it was re-affirming that I’m past the point of asking him and his subordinates to do things -for- me, and I’m putting into action his lessons on standing on my own feet and doing things myself, the way living gods do; I was strictly asking for his advice as someone very wise who I had learned to trust implicitly, and for his blessing in casting the runes he discovered), I was struck by the conviction that sharing mead was now called for, so I grabbed a mason jar of the homemade stuff and poured a generous amount into the horn I hang near the altar.

Now at this point there was still scotch in Odin’s glass on the altar, but the feeling of rightness in replacing it with mead was very strong so I stated that I intended to -respectfully- drain the glass in order to replace it with the mean offering. There were no flashing warning signs in my head or otherwise, so I went through with it, toasted to Odin, Asgard and the gods, and killed the whiskey.

I’d drunk this whiskey in its mundane form countless times, but I’m convinced residing on my altar as an offering to Odin -changed- it and it was -not- mundane any longer. Don’t really know how to properly describe it. It was like drinking power, if that were a thing. It was a feeling of taking in all the aspects of Odin’s that I desired to master and embody, and I felt extremely close to the Hanged God in that moment and the shocked moments after. It was almost like a bizarre “Odinic Eucharist” if you’ll forgive the absurdity of the name. Like absorbing into myself some of the god’s own energy, in the form of a drink!

After this I poured mead into Odin’s glass, and kept some in the horn for myself as well as I began drinking with the man and outlining the premises of my planned ritual and then did consecrate the last draught in the horn to inspiration and insight from Odin. The mead, too, seemed “more” than it had ever been in any other setting, like on one physical level it was mead but on an invisible spiritual level it was some extremely powerful flow of energized intent that was working powerful changes ‘behind the scenes’ of the physical.

This mead seemed to bring utter clarity and “relaxed concentration” of my attention, and that stayed with me for the length of the rune casting I then engaged in. Also, without willing it of myself, while attuning to the bag of runes I found myself vocalizing the name “Ooooodddiiiiiinnnn,” in a strange half-singing resonant way. No way of knowing because chances are there’s no truly contiguous tradition, but that just might have been an instance of galdr! Either way, results are the ultimate arbiter and the results of my rune casting were completely appropriate and informed my subsequent ritual accordingly.

So here we actually have three different variations on the idea. The first that involves solely yourself, the second crazy one that’s like a dedicated drink “given back” to you to drink shooting you up with the attributes of the entity first dedicated to, and the third specifically consecrated to carry intent for a certain task or goal, in this case with the added firepower of a relevant entity but not of necessity I believe.

So yeah, a -very- valid concept from my experience anyway. Hope it was helpful, and if you got this far thanks for reading the novel!


Excellent post Clad, nothing I can add to that.

Thank you TWF, that means a lot coming from you!

As a further note, I’ve got about a two-gallon jug of mead fermenting away right now, and as an experiment I’m letting it ferment on Odin’s altar. I talked to the god about it and other things; then meditated and charged the mead with the purpose of inspiring closeness with and awareness of the spirits and gods; then I committed it into the Allfather’s care. Two months minimum will see the fermentation more or less complete, but I’m going to play this one by ear and crack open the mead when I’m -told- it’s ready.

I will be sure to keep you all updated on what form this success takes!