Infused knowledge

Hi, newbie here, I want to know if anybody has thought about or has sought gaining “infused knowledge” from an entity, for instance, coding. I am wondering who would be the best entity for knowing about coding for web development and if it’s even possible that they can imbue the knowledge or at least impart the mechanics for learning this? Also whether a petition would be necessary or would it need to be an invocation. Thank so much!


Do a quick search on the site about Xa Turing and you will find all the info you need.


I develop for a particular web application framework on a couple of db platforms, I’m an animist that was worked with nature intelligences and not much, bit a bit of a chaos mage.

So what I’ve found works for me, is that knowing organisations can have their own Deva personify the overall consciousness of the ‘entity’ that is the organisation, you can contact that and build a connection for inspiration and guidance. Individual products have their own teams and clear branding that also allow entity development.Deva means shining one - it’s kind of a cross between a fae and an angel, but is a creation of humanity as collectively gods working together rather the of the Earth. As such the serve humankind very well in a symbiotic relationship and are very happy to hear from you.

So I have two main entities I connect with for work - the Deva of the niche software I code for, and the Deva of Oracle Databases.

Xa Turing is what I see as the god or Deva of the Internet. I feel he’s more about the infrastructure and communication paths than the languages, but that’s me maybe, I haven’t worked with him much. It’s getting into an area where you have to speak their language technically to be able to make that deeper connection, and I’m a software person not an IT systems person.


thank you so much for the interesting replies, I will definitely be diving in :smile: