Informations about Noctulius


Greeting coworkers.
I’m planning an evocation of the entity Noctulius mentionned in some ONA litterature. When I say “mentionned” , it is really “mentionned”, because very few is said about this specific entity exept that he is a deity of Night, related to Moon, earth based and what kind of enscence we can use. A sigil can also be found easily.

But outside of it, there are very few information about the nature of the spiritual being, about a correspondance with any mythology.

I will used E.A univeral circle to make the contact more easy, but before performing it would be helpfull to gain more information about the entity in order to put myself in a deeper connection with it.

Does somebody have informations, or better, an experience with him ?


Writhing Parasite may have some quality insights if hes willing to share them…


from “Oto Anorha Issue #29”:

Deity of night. Useful in works of enchantment. Earth based. Key for chant: G Minor. perfume - petriochor.
From ‘Nyktelios’, an epithet for Dionysis.
It has been discovered that the Sigil associated with the 28th Name of
Marduk from the Necronomicon, SIRSIR bears a striking resemblance to the Sigil used for Noctulius by the ONA, when the sigil is reversed.
It was thought the name SIRSIR itself might be an anagram for SIRRIS
[Sirius] but this particular sigil signifies the Pleiades according to a 15th
century MS. The difference in shapes of some of the pantheon sigils to their original starry counterparts may be due to changes caused by updates to represent what has occurred visually and spatially to the arrangements of the stars over the centuries, in modern times.

The 28th Name is SIRSIR The Destroyer of TIAMAT, hated of the Ancient Ones, Master over the Serpent, Foe of KUTULU. A most powerful Lord. His word is APIRIKUBABADAZUZUKANPA."

I think this is interesting information, but not 100% true.


Outside NAOS and ToB publication on Ixaaxar, does something exist about him ?

I found in my research that some historian during Renaissance wrote about Noctulius as a Roman God of Night. The following text is in French, and but the historian admitt that few exist about him.

For some historian, he is night himself, but his cut seems limited to the city of Brescia.


this is interesting information, but I unfortunately don’t know French.
you also may look in here:
and 15 atu in Liana Falorio Shadow taro. i find that noctulius is very familiar with Anonin.


Very interesting articles. My notion with Kabbalistic system with pathways beetwin Planetary spheres are sadly minimum. For most as I understand, “Noctulius” is here more the name give to a sphere of experience that to a particular being or Egregore. But I also have noticed that in a lot of Qliphlotic system, the name of a major Demon is used as the sphere name (Lilith, Samael, Python).

That would be my first moment with the ONA pantheon, most of my experiences being turned for now around the classical Goetic one .


the names of dark gods is drafted from different languages, it is not like old comleted name out of greek or african panteon. for example word Shugara is made from different roots Shugarra, Shu-Gi-Ra, Su-Ga-Ra, Su-Gir-Ra, Su-Gira you should read “Analysis of Roots/Origin of Selected Names of Dark Gods” but i don’t have a link on it if you need it i may sand you pdf on mail.
before evoking him you should go for a walk in the night. get some crystal quartz, lunar incense, it may help. or just call him till it come and ask questions that you have.)


The NOAS mention Petrichor incense as something that he favorise.
I’ve never seen this incense here , that probably because I can’t get any translation of “petrichore” in French with classical internet translator. Is in a earth or lunar incense ?
As far as I know “petrichore” is earth after rain (according to the book, Noctulius is earth based).


yes, it is earth after rain but for me it is too difficult to synthesized such oil. perhaps you can use Hazel with Sulfur but it is slightly poison.) or evoke outside after rain.
if you evoke him, write how it came.


So you would use a Lunar inscence better than an earth one ?
I will evoke him in a occultum, it will be easier in many ways .


As for incense, combine the planetary incenses that correspond to the path of the given Dark God. That is given in NAOS.

As for evocation of Noctulius, why not use the NAOS method? It is an evocation. It’s also an invocation. And a catalyst towards conscious contact. It also allows for a more complete immersion into the entity.

The creation of petriochre is detailed in a few MSS, look up the Complete Collection of Manuscripts, it’s in there.

Finally, you’re taking the Tree of Wyrd WAY too seriously.


Thanks a lot for this advices.
The reason I was planning to use the method given by E.A in “become a living god” was :
-I have good results in evocation with E.A method and I think that the use of the Universal Circle will make results more tangible.
-I haven’t followed the full NAOS Cursus, so I’m not deeply emmerged inside the system, particulary the Star Game or the “key of chant” system. Even I feel accord with the “philosophycal way” of the book ("what’s the purpous of LHP, What must be a satanist, what it is Not), I don’t feel very confortable with the technical system himself and I’m more oriented on "classical goetic " operation or shamanism experience. So I was hesitating about taking a particular ritual and making it whithout having used the rest of the book as a pathway to it.


The Universal Circle won’t make the results any more “tangible”. If you do the ritual according to NAOS, you will make powerful contact and you will have “tangible” results. You don’t have to initiate yourself or follow NAOS. That’s said nowhere. If you want to follow the Sevenfold Sinister Way, then initiate yourself. If you want to make contact with the Dark Gods, then follow the Dark Pathworkings. It’s very simple.


Well, thanks a lot for this advice, I will follow it
Have you personnaly experience Noctulius ? I will be interrested about getting some informations about the deity itself (I understand if you consider it a private feeling). My research are mainly focused on what we could call predators entity, in the way that the Temple ov Blood deffinite this path is the books that can be found. Noctulius seems to me to be one that could be the more interresting in this way, but few is said about what you can expect to devellop by working with him.


Instead of developing something or adding more, you may dissolve and tear away at your programmed self. Once the energy is within in you, it will of course cause a chaotic change, where a predatory perspective unfolds. Predators are naturally in tune with their environment and empathic. Instead of an emotionally reactive human a more calculated way possibly emerges.


You should elucidate on that subject Undead, maybe flesh out a new thread with information on that. Assuming you have enough of course.

But yes, I have personally experienced Noctulius and it does not matter what I experienced. Just do the damn ritual and get the results, ask for information, just do SOMETHING. This isn’t a condemnation, but instead of worrying about some kind of validity in regards to the Dark Gods, just go out to the woods, do the ritual and experience Them for yourself.


For sure the methods in Naos can work. I exclusively used them for awhile and depending on ones sensitivity, there is little need for other systems. There are a few threads around the forum where I’ve mentioned the human forms limiting use. Some of the basic sphere workings poison those habits and reactions. Ideally a new being is created. Magick done entirely out ov emotion is the work of the false ego. But once the subconscious is stired up with the help of The Dark Gods invading energies, a possiblely much more precise perspective is there to work with.


Just worked on Noctulius last night .
Strange impression, actually very different from the one I got with the Goetic Demons. I combined the E.A Circle with the NAOS ritual.
In the first contact, I felt a hightly powerfull presence, something that wasn’t pleased to respond. I didn’t get vision or tangible manifestation, but most of the thought passing true by mind were words of contempt, I didn’t feel any greed intention or envy, only contempt.
I decide to persist and impose myself, focusing on presenting myself, my goals and asking for patronage, whatever I have to suffer to receive progression.
I waited, and feel different. As if my demand received attention. Contempt was still here, but also a form a satisfaction for persistence. I then felt something passing on a vibrating level. A great cold sensation in my body, hard to described with words, I thought about being a corpse, a kind of living piece of meat, with “changed details” by the experience.
Considering than Noctulius was not the kind that would be pleased to be forced quiting the occultum, I thank him for the session and ask him to get back to where i comed. It took hours to feel “regular” again. This ritual was something great in terms of feelings, lets see the results in long terms .
Times after the room still vibrate have a powerfull vibration.


With the Dark Gods they’re not going to be pleased to respond. They’re not like Demons who are interested in your ascent, they are just as UndeadGod333 stated-intrusive energies which disrupt your magian programming and stir up the unconscious. And thats putting it mildly. As far as ‘patronage’ goes, if you find some sort of resonance with the energy of a particular Dark God then by all means continue working with that energy, but these arent ‘pagan’ deities you can claim as your patron or what have you. They are raw uncontollable forces of chaos and destruction. The very forces which FORCEFULLY PUSH human evolution forward and upward. Proceed with absolute confidence and boldness or not at all.

Agios Ischyros Shugara


Yep, I noticed a big difference with Demons. When evoking a Demon there is always a kind of “tentation feeling” around you. Even in the presence of a very powerfull demon, you feel a kind of attraction and that the demon have an interrested in yourself. When I evoke a demon, I take the posture adviced by E.A “you’re a living God, you order the demon to complete the task he had be summon for”.
With this Dark God, the feeling was totally different. There was no tentation part at all. It was more similar to try to play with the cat of a lion. So the posture I choose was more the one of the photographer trying to get close to the beast without being eat, sitting close to him and making gestures reduce his hostility. Two days after the mental results of this results are powerfull, disturbing at the begining but yet positive.