Information required for break up work

When doing break up work, is it necessary to have both parties’ photos and names? What if you only have access to one person’s photo and name. Will it still be as effective?

Preferred for best results.

So if there’s only info on one of them, there’s a high chance that it might not work?

You dont have their name? You have no link to them? Maybe and this is a thought… pull their energy and place it into a sheet of paper. While in that meditative state draw a picture, create a sigil for them, scribble… but put them there.

Unfortunately no. Hmm, how do I pull energy from someone I don’t know?

Look up vampire technics


Ahh, right. Thank you!

V.j. jenahan has a great technic on his blog
I probably butchered his last name

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  • V. K. Jehannum


Thanks! I couldn’t find it