Information about Nature spirits

Can someone recommend a forum on the internet specifically about nature spirits?

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Honestly? No. I looked around for such a thing before I found BALG and every single one I found that was somewhat like that seemed like everyone was in la-la land. That has been the running theme of much of my work forever now.

Your might have some luck here, but you may have to initiate the topic; most folks seem demon fixated right now, lol.


Perhaps nature spirits dislike the internet, and every time someone tries to make one, they are simply “taken by the faeries” in the old sense of the word. I guess good conversations can be found once in a while on different sites then. That is okay too. Just wondering.


Yeah every other forum I was on was full of jokers

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And yes, in here most people seem to take their “martini” with a slice of demon. :slight_smile:


You might not be too far off on that one, IMO. I have a few weirder theories involving the net, but where nature spirits are concerned, can you think of any technology that has thrown the natural balance and order of nature off than the internet? So they very well may have an aversion to it, amongst other things.

Damn, you are one of the first folks I have heard use that phrase in a while, lol! I honestly think that the origins of that saying are rooted in fact. Not literal fae, though; Tutha De’ Danann, who I maintain were a real, flesh and blood people that were the inspiration for the fae in that region’s history. When the Gaelic tribes drove off the Tuatha De’ Danann from their lands, there were most likely hold outs hiding in the woods. Some may have abducted people. Those that made it back were never the same. most likely because of what happened during said incidents.