Info for Satanic?

I live in Indonesia in Bandung city.

does anyone have information about satanic teaching and activities located close to where I live?

I want to learn things about satanic, but here it is very difficult to meet people who embrace Satanic teachings because the state does not allow it

but i got interested in satanic and want to know more

may the brothers and sisters here please give me directions?

thanks i say in advance

sorry if there are wrong words, I use google translate

Your best bet would be to search locally yourself to find these types of things.

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It was 3 members here,from there Celebes,and Sumatra and somewhere else,one was very good,u can try local shamans, unfortunately Indonesia magic is close I knw is the finbarr book the deadliest spells,a 30 pages book full of shaman Indonesia witchraft, I tink the deadliest spells of the javaneses people,finbarr book.

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I’m afraid this forum does not review or endorse outside orders or covens. Sometimes people post meetup topics but I’ve never seen one for Indonesia, let alone Bandung. It’s had to find these even in the US, and even then, only in the most populated cities.

Sorry, I hope you find what you seek. :slight_smile:

Internet is your best source considering satanic teachings, and demon communication…

I had same problem where i live… now all my friends are “somehow” satanic

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ohhh i see, sumatra is far away from my place…
have to cross ocean

what is finbarr book sir?