Influencing Reality as a Living System

Reality is a strange thing. It is something we cannot define because we can’t truly know it in its full extent. That however does not stop us from shaping it. Perhaps the easiest way to define reality is as being alive and this is the key point to what I am about to tell you.

Anything that is alive can be influenced by means of magnetism and hypnosis. The combination of the two along the proper mediums can influence and outright control any living being. A person can become fascinated and dropped into a trance by the right sequence of words, suggestions, and disruptions to the conscious mind. A wild beast may become fascinated and lulled into passivity by the eyes of someone with a strong will and magnetic power about them.

Reality and the universe are no different to this. I could go on about so many ideas and theories relating around this but as is human nature the attention of the mind tends to be short and fleeting and so I shall get straight to the point.

To influence reality through such means of suggestion you need to break it down to a digestible chunk relating to what you are intending to influence. This can be done through the use of demons, angels, spirits, if you choose to see them as similar to programs or sides of the personality of the universe though more effective is to use a sigil or other sign of a power. Whether you use a spirits sign or more basic signs such as runes, Theban glyphs, or other magical scripts or even a sigil you yourself create does not matter so much as to the procedure.

Magnetism in this way is best focused through the eyes upon the part of reality you wish to influence. Reality does not speak through words but whether by pure thought and emotion. This you must bring to bursting through you and feel your entire being becoming absorbed and focused solely through your eyes, all three of them. Then turn your gaze inward upon the chosen sign until that energy bursts outwards like a wavering aurora around and through your desire. Winning it over. It is a unique sensation akin to when you are in perfect rapport and understanding with someone you find fascinating and who in turns finds you to be fascinating. Feel the change in your being and open your eyes letting go all of that gathered energy. Fascinating reality to favor you in the fashion you wish like a dear friend doing a favor for you, for you are the most fascinating person in their eyes.

This is the mind set you need and the means by which you project your will magnetically upon reality. You can easily bring in other aspects of hypnotic suggestion and magnetism into this form as well if you simply learn how to convey them on the medium of thought and emotion.


I’m trying to see how this is any different than any other working where you’re putting your intent towards achieving something and finding/creating a vehicle to send it forth.

The view towards what you are influencing and its simplicity. In my experience I have found that this becomes very quickly a natural extension of your daily actions. Though it is very much founded in my experience with hypnosis and magnetism. By viewing reality as a living being with its own mind and consciousness that you can influence and negotiate with just as you would any other being then it opens up new ways to success especially for someone that has the means to be charismatic it brings that to a new level. As with most things worthwhile there are benefits beyond just the immediate results. It trains the mind to confident and to spread your own influence even outside of magical action. If you can charm reality itself to favor you then persuading your boss to give you a raise or a promotion is not far off, neither is finding a partner in love or lust. It is the thoughtform that is established towards charm and influence.

You might be right that there is little difference than any other working but by extension what is the value of any material you might find if at its core it is the same as any other except the unique take and conception around its take.


So, it’s no different. Thanks.

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I’m sorry. I don’t believe we use the same definition of magnetism. Could you please define it for me?

Thats not necessarily true, understanding that your reality is a living entity gives an edge in terms of troubleshooting and patterning that you wouldn’t be able to access if you simply direct it with pure intent.

The breaking down into chunks part make it much easier as well and can be a good way to understand how to create a ritual.

The idea of a living universe allows peoples minds to understand why something that worked before isn’t working now, or to simply talk to the part of that reality involved. Most will find it much harder to do without it.

I have a much different conception of the universe so I won’t vouch for it’s effectiveness, but to say that this is no different from “any other working” just isn’t accurate when it’s basic magical knowledge that your perception and feelings towards something will cause changes in the results of a spell.

Especially since the only rule to magic is “whatever works best”, it doesn’t really make sense

Most improvements and advances come from unique takes, the vast difference between the psychological and energetic models of magic for instance.

It’s rare to discover anything new by doing the exact same thing thinking the exact same way isn’t it?

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It relates to animal magnetism which was a fairly effective and early precursor to modern hypnosis before it was stripped of most esoteric thought and concept. It is a vital fluid in the body and soul of all living things that can be influenced. It is not like the scientific ideas relating to magnets but more of the mind and energy of a person. Some quick research into Franz Anton Mesmer will give you the basic concepts though it is still practiced today and developed upon though not quite as openly as hypnosis it certainly plays a heavy unspoken role in the process.


Oh, you mean mesmerism.

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Yes that is the start of it. I have taken it a bit further beyond just mesmerism in my work and I will be writing on such things soon enough in the future.

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There is a very good book on chaos magick and influencing things to go in your favour, thought forms, sex magick etc…

It’s called: The Master Works of Chaos Magick: Practical Techniques For Directing Your Reality by Adam Blackthorne