Influencing others

I’ve watched this video recently ( ) and I was wondering about something in particular. EA mentions you require a fetish of the person you’re trying to influence but later he mentions he did this ritual to influence others, presumingly people he never met before, to reach an agreement.

I was wondering, since you might not have any personal possessions of the person in question how about using something which represents that person? For example if person is sweet tooth could you use sugar or a certain book that person considers his favourite?

Hi there yaldabaOth,

I was given a way by my spiritual guides years ago to form a personal link when none of the usual methods were available. Ideally, you need some of that persons DNA structure such as hair samples, nail clippings or any bodily liquids (blood, sweat, urine, saliva etc). You could even take a piece of their clothing for even after washing the garment, it will still contain fragments of their DNA.

So what do we do if these are not obtainable…….we capture their essence instead?

You need to get a pen and piece of paper in front of you, now start to think of that person as if he is standing right next to you, better if you can soul travel to him as the experience will be more profound but if not continue anyway……………go right up to him and look around him, what does he look like, smell him and start to rub your hands on his head to feel his hair, what does he feel like?

Take off his jacket or shirt and put it on, what does it feel like to wear his clothes?

Speak to him and tell him that you are going to control him in certain ways and manipulate the conversion in your favour. Once you get to this stage of knowing him more and understanding him then write his name on a piece of paper as you are thinking about him and engrossed within this scenario.

Now with a pair of scissors, cut out his name and wrap it up in clothe for now or bind it with coloured wool. All of this brings together the essence of that person, which you have isolated and have now captured within a symbolic representation.

If the exercise is done right, you now have a direct link to him, which can be used in manipulation rites or any baneful operations.


Now that’s very interesting indeed, thanks for exhaustive reply! I performed the ritual yesterday according to the video I posted above and used rune stones that represent that person and desired outcome. We’ll have to see how it goes but I will most certainly try your method next time, so far I have always used proxy items rather than direct links to that person.

Wow! I was literally just thinking about this very issue SECONDS before I logged in! Coincidence? :wink:

I have used this manipulation technique before, but in that case I did have a DNA link to the person (in the form of…certain bodily fluids lol). However, I was planning on using this method tonight on someone for whom I do not have a direct link. My plan was to write down as much info as I know about the person (name, DOB, personal characteristics, facts about them etc) and then use that piece of paper as the ‘link’. I think I am going to combine this with what savodonger has suggested. Thanks for the great advice!