Influencing masses with audiovisual materials

Hi there. This might just be the most random thread in this forum, but hear me out.
I am a cinematographer. I love to capture and then manipulate realities, to make them my own.

Being over 10 years in this filmmaking thing. I have realized that it has huge power. It might just be the most powerful way of communications in this waking world. Not talking about the (supernatural ways of communications)

I now understand that I can influence others with the emotions I put into my work. Inspire them to do stuff.
The first time that ever happened was when I was 16. I created some funny joke videos, that a lot of people really liked and many of them also started doing just that - Creating funny comedy videos. Many of my friends thanked me for introducing them with this comedy art form.

About 3 years ago I discovered drones. (this video is still in making tho)

This video is full of symbols. It symbolizes my relationship collapse with my girlfriend and also moving on.
This is the first time I have done something like this. To me, I transformed all the pain and anger into these shots, that turned out beautiful. And every person I showed this video lightened up in joy and happiness.
As well as every time I watch this video it’s easier to heal the wounds.

It’s pure magick :smiley:

And now I’m here.

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