Influencing magic in the world

What do you guys think… Influencing magic/witchcraft especially black magic all over the world with your own rituals and with the help of other entities? Manipulating the abrahamic religions to go against each other and losing their faith on right hand dogmas. Can this be possible to happen?


I think they already hate each other plenty. There’s a working thread trying to kill the roots of Islam in the Middle East with a Pagan Revival in the area in the Journals and Group Workings section.

There is a minority of polytheistic groups is Israel that could benefit from a boost should anyone wish to give them one.

And calling on Duke Cohzier to influence the Religious climate of your area could benefit greatly, furthermore taking him along and spreading his influence to people at Pagan/Witch functions to weed out some of the Abrahamic influence and pressure to bend to those Faith’s in those communities could also be beneficial.

Those are the thoughts that come to my mind.

What kind of things are you thinking?


I pretty much want to destroy the church I’ve use to gone. I had Christian friends there but since they either got offended about my thoughts on God literally blasphemousing his name and they didn’t really committed my time of friendship I started to hate them.
They were just there just in case they are feeling left out from the group. I want this church where many church goers will just leave and not be attracted to the church at all.


So get a photo of the church, a piece of the building, some sort of fetish of it, and curse it just like you would a person.


If you want to do that I’m happy to spitball ideas with you.

You can send an entity to the establishment that will convince people that they should go to a different church if you’d rather go that route and kill the particular church off that way


Why not ask spirits start rumors or start them yourself lol nothing harder stop than rumor especially if make it half true or true


They’ve been at each other’s throats since at least the 1100s.

A lot of people go through that every day, so there’s no need.

At the very least, Christianity has been slowly losing its grip over the world for a number of centuries. It looks like it’s going to be one of those things that’ll die out on its own. I don’t think magical intervention is needed.


Unless there is a revival of the church. I hear it from many prophets and new born Christians saying this.

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With the way things are going for the church now, I doubt it.

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One thing that I found was successful is I carved a merkstave Kenaz Rune into the concrete of a church building and that church is now a dying church, everyone there are seniors, eventually they’ll all die and they’ll be no church.

So, do that if you’re okay with playing the long game. But, I have a vested interest in the continuation of those Churches with a legitimate apostolic succession, so the Catholic Church, Eastern and Oriental Orthodox, and the Churches of the East are protected, and if you attack any of the buildings in my area (unlikely on this forum) then I won’t hesitate to wage war. But, all the Protestant churches are green for target practice, as far as I’m concerned.

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Christianity is only shrinking in North America and Europe, in Africa and South America it’s on the rise.

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I’ve never tested this, such an interesting thought, I guess sowing discord among church goers is possible and making the church to be hated is possible. I can’t think of any other demon other than Belial for this.

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I thought about this few days ago, somehow I get the idea/imagination that I can spread occultism via fame e.g. I’m gonna try to be the new JLaw and make people talk/aware of what I do

Realistically we need famous/influential people, political support, a big, open community of occult to spread more magic in the world. The other option is to make occultism hip so tryhards (and hopefully real devoted people) gonna join and spread magic. I don’t support this idea but it’s still an idea :stuck_out_tongue:

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