Influence on tarot cards?

So I just had my first go with playing card tarot, and I’m amazed, but slightly skeptical. I asked a handful of questions about the potential of my pregnancy, and the cards gave me almost every answer I was looking for, such as the mutual support and gender of the baby. Could there be some way that my want for these things determined the answers for the cards and made them innaccurate?

I feel really good about my answers, it’s just that I didn’t expect my first reading to go so well so it’s making me question if it actually went that well. It’s too early for me to take a pregnancy test, but I’ll definitely get around to it when the time comes. This was for practice and to build a relationship with my cards. I’ll reply with my spreads.

I’d be more than appreciative if someone who is experienced with readings could read me/ give me your take on this.


My first question was am I currently pregnant.

I received the 6 of swords, 8 of cups, and 9 of cups, which all point to yes.

My second question was will the father play an active role in his child’s life.

The 3 of wands with an overall positive tone, stands for fresh starts, achievements, and positive partnerships, which answered my question as yes.

My third question was will me and my child’s father be able to financially support our child.

The knight of cups brings positivity to a financial spread, which answers my question as yes.

My fourth question was how will our families react to the baby.

My spread on the left with the 2 of swords and king of cups represents confusion, but also a figure of authority who will aid me. The king could also represent inner strength.

For his, I got the ace of wands and five of wands, which represents a passionate union or positive new beginnings, but also struggle, aggravation, and conflicts, but it doesn’t mean a positive solution is far out of reach, but it may come at a personal cost.

For my last question, I simply asked the gender of the child.

I received the 3 of pentacles and ace of pentacles. The ace of pentacles is a great pregnancy card, relating to beginning stages of pregnancy and is a symbol for mutual dependence between the mother and child. The 3 of pentacles was hazy to me. but the pentacles are considered female energy, which points me to me the high chance of having a girl.

Hello There,

So checking your spreads I would say your interpretations are good. I compared it with the equivalent of the tarot card. I would suggest you to get a tarot. I dont know why but somehow playing cards doesnt feel right for me (If you feel comfortable with it, then its ok, this is just my personal experience).

The cards can tell you the tendencies of a situation and give advice. But dont take what they say as carved in stone. It is more as they can show what is the most likely outcome with the actual circumstances and patrons. But these can be changed and so the result.

At last, and this is just my point of view, I would say that divination is better used to gain knowledge you couldnt gain in other way. As an example if you are looking for someones address, you could use a pendulum and maps to find him, or you could just search for the person in internet. For the sex and health of the baby you can use cards to get a general idea, but if you can corroborate with non-magickal methods you should do it. So dont rely just in divination methods, be practical.

Best Regards,

Glenn the Ghoul


You totally can influence them. I never do a reading on myself. Nor will I do reading for others on any emotional state by calm.

Have someone else do the readings same questions and compare notes.

Also this brought back so many memories I started readings with playing cards too :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I can give u an acci reading so we could compare I’m actually pregnant right now and was told the father would walk away by the cards but we will be set and that it will be a boy so you know his loss anyway if you want then it’s fine with me it’s always better to have a second opinion

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Sounds nice! I’ll pm you.

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You can definitely do a Reading on yourself with a deck. You just need to make sure your energy is grounded and that your emotions are neutral before the reading, so that they don’t affect cards being pulled. Also clearing a deck before and after use, as well as the environment, can keep the reading from being affected too much by wayward energies in the vicinity. I give myself readings very often. I just try and go into it with no expectations, and detached from the outcome.

@Destiny_McKoy, and @bunny4cam, congrats with your pregnancies. I hope all is going well with you both. I’m feeling pregnant right now, but it’s too early for a test. How do you read the cards to find out if you’re pregnant? I’d really like to know if I’m pregnant. If I’m not, I’d like to find out if I will get pregnant. I’m trying to work with Lilith to get pregnant right now. I’m not sure if she’s agreed to my pact with her. Anyway, I’d like to do a reading and find out, but not sure how to interpret the cards on this subject.

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Just think about the situation and ask the cards to show you if you need help with interpretation of them I’m always willing to help as are other here and thank you but mine didn’t get far before we posted her but I believe that I’m pregnant again heh but I’m going to charish the one I lost always