Inflame sex desire

Hey everyone I’m new In the forum
My name is Tom
I’m interested like a year in EA koetting things

I just think myself maybe I can get some help And with your wisdom
I will do it right

I have some questions , and I hope you can answer me
Before I make that ritual I want to know:
The one that I want to spell is my ex .
We didn’t talk like a years

It’s still possible that she come to me after that ?it’s working with people that you don’t still in contact with them ?

If she is in love right now , that emotions can ruin that ritual ?

I just make that ritual one time ? Or I need to do it a few times ?

If I don’t have an object that belongs to her , I can use something that she buy to me ?

Hope you can answer my questions

I could not agree any more with you Sukujin, you’ve hit the nail on the head again (your pretty damn good at that!).

I’ve also been there myself and even fucking an ex can bring more issues than it’s worth…no matter how much you think you love her, there is always someone better out there.

There’s a great candle spell in the BALG e-book that will help you bring the perfect woman into your life. You should check it out :slight_smile:

@Tom…I suspect at this point in your life it could be viewed as an opportunity to go within yourself and discover the whirlwind of “emotion”. What is emotion… and how has it taken hold of your being? Once reaching a point where you can see it, feel it, and move it around, at that point you can begin to get control over it…then you have become a master of a part of yourself…until you can do that, you are always under control of other emotions…

This is not a problem with your ex, cause this can continue to happen time after time after time…not hard to find another one, but there is no warrenty on the next one either…so what this is…a method to learn to control the emotions that have taken over a section of your life and control you…and that is not good.


[quote=“Tom1349, post:1, topic:420”]If she is in love right now , that emotions can ruin that ritual ?

I just make that ritual one time ? Or I need to do it a few times ?

If I don’t have an object that belongs to her , I can use something that she buy to me ?

Hope you can answer my questions

Hey Tom I know where u are right now.
1stly I’m not going to help you with this because even though you can compel her to want/love you after awhile it’s not enough…
Trust me, after countless hours/days of sex her incessant hugging, kissing, smiling, and God forbid “worship” of all things you will make you feel trapped in a nightmare. I’ve been there.

It hurts I know and you feel like you want to die, but why ? So you can follow her around when you die…Watch her with her new lover…Watch her raise his kids? Really ? Is that it ?

2ndly, and most importantly, why do you want to go back to that when there are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY women on this planet just flaunting their stuff. Forget that all shoe and get a brand new pair.

Well you have two options really, the first is your basic love spell or evoking a demon to influence them and your second is mind control or thralling. The downside to the first is that that influence will wear off eventually and then you will already be so caught up in emotional ties that it will most likely cause you a lot of emotional damage. The downside to the second is it is hard to pull off unless you are a pretty advanced black magician and even then you are not really getting what you want, that girl you are wanting will completely change and pretty much be just a mind slave. I recommend moving on… Women are like pants, you wear them until they’re either ruined or out of style and then you get a nice fresh pair that still have the tight fit.

He said tight fit…

Considering we are all supposed to be 18 I am pretty sure you get what i mean lol

Necromaster…by “fresh pair” do you mean one that just turned the legal age, or just one you never had? Either way, the tightness is never guaranteed, but, I was just trying to understand the philosophy behind this in case I ever decide to switch teams…hehe :wink:

Personally a fresh pair to me means almost legal age lol but I guess one you haven’t had works as well.

Mmm I `ve always felt attracted to (somewhat) older men …they are like a fine wine lol

Young guys bore me, and I don’t know what it is; maybe too much time spent off world; young girls have a smell I can’t stomach. No i don’t mean that, I mean their body(sweat) turns me off completely. Give me a woman of atleast twenty five or so.

Can you just use E.A.'s Sigil Magick to influence a lover? or must you do a full evocation of a spirit such as Sitri?

Either would yield results. However evocation would yield more powerful results obviously.

Thankyou Seeker,
But how long do you think such a request could take to manifest the result using sigil magick?
Also how long do you think you need to concentrate on the goal while looking at sigil?
I tried it afew times- mostly did not work i think because i didn’ do it right. But A certain person i tried influencing got very influenced 5 days later after doing 2 candle spells and using sitri, It did not get to the final goal, and the next day she was not interested in me at all. also im no sure if it was sitri or one of the candle spells.

It takes me about 5 mins of holding the image in mind. As long as you withdraw after the ritual (don’t dwell on it at all) and you’ve exhausted ALL your desire, it shouldn’t take more than 48 hours max.

Have a look at this message I posted a few months back to get you started with sigil work;

PS. Can I give you a little tip? You’re new and you’re eager, I get that. But don’t post the same sentence to 4 different topics. You’ll just piss people off by doing that. Also, I would choose a different spirit to Sitri. Try Paimon.

my bad. Thankyou seeker, you rock.

Its ok, welcome to BALG :slight_smile: