INFERNUS: My notes about the occult

Sep 2

Correction, the deadline ends on Sep 14 and not on the date I described above.

A brief report until I write the final conclusions:

My finances are being taken care of by Lucifuge so there isn’t much room for the Square to work.

So I bought several lotteries to give the square entities a chance to bring me some extra cash.

I won something close to US$ 100 once. :money_mouth_face:

The downside is: I spent the triple buying these lotteries. :man_facepalming:


Small changes:

The Demon brought me an ex back and we had intense and pleasurable moments today, but without any feelings of affection.

Update about the squares of Abramelin:

Now I think the squares are old egregors that were once powerful, mixed with some lesser-known imprisoned spirits.

That’s what I saw in an intense trance, with wide eyes, when I tried to evoke the entities of the square.

The power of egregores distorted the reality of my room, furniture and walls began to change shape.

I saw cremation vessels or funerary urns with some sad spirits trapped, I also saw other very happy and graceful spirits who even danced in the fire like small balerinas with wings

In my opinion, the Demons listed by Abramelin are legit, but none of them are part of the square.

My conclusion is: squares were long forgotten and today they don’t have the same power they had in the past.


Curse for a very bad person

Today I received the last missing item.
A male wax hollow head.

Took some dirt from a cemetery

I’ll use some bones too.

The rest of the items and materials will be posted later.

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I just finished it now, unfortunately for an unexpected fact I did the ritual before the scheduled day.

I didn’t have time to take pictures of the items used, but I’ll write down the process in detail later.

It took too long and I’m exhausted.

Hail Lucifuge Rofocale.

The first time I did this type of work the results were above expectations.

The preparation phase consumes 90% of the time.

This is a curse that needs to be worked out calmly and is very time consuming. There is a reason to use various materials and items.

Every item used was consecrated and charged with the utmost intent.

Just putting things together and mixing it up doesn’t work.

The goal is to send out all the negative charge at once and not give the target time to react. The spell must be greater than the target’s will to live.

I noticed that days before, while preparing the spell, some of the energy escaped and negatively affected my day to day life in many ways.

This was already expected.

Small misfortunes and accidents happened to me and strangely one of them went in my favor.

The next step is to keep feeding the spell every night by sending my intentions.

I’ll torture the head with nails and needles, light a black broken candle, pour it with vinegar now and poison later for a few days until I feel satisfied.

Used items:

  • hollow wax male head

  • specific powders pre-manipulated to cause disgust, disappearance, distress and destruction

  • black gift ribbon

  • black candles

  • a lot of incense

  • cemetery dirt

  • small bones

  • ashes of old banishing works.

  • rusty nails

  • rotten meat

  • ant venom

  • 2 bent keys

  • 3 warped golden coins

  • cactus thorns

  • batch of various medicines in pills mixed with gunpowder and termite venom

  • consecrated sigils of 4 Demons

  • and name of the damn target written

Each item was consecrated and charged with intentions in the preparation phase, at the time of filling the head and in the act of delivery to the spirits.

In the next phase the ritual will be in the outdoor area
I will open the head at the top and add the second batch with the missing items:

  • broken mirror

  • boiled bitter wine

  • a sacrifice (preferably with 4 legs).

  • insects and small reptiles

  • chicken feet

  • rotten eggs

  • raw and dried peppers

  • burnt oil

  • a voodoo doll made by me.

  • and maybe some other item if needed.

After that, I’ll bury it in some graveyard and call the night.

Last night I put the head in a dirty, dark place.

Today, before starting my meditation, I went to torture my target a little with rotten pepper, and screws.

To my surprise or carelessness, the candles melted every side edge made of thick plastic.

I imagine it was a fire with a lot of smoke similar to a fire :sweat_smile: :fire:

But strangely the wax head did not melt and remains intact.