Infernal Military Ranks

Alright recently I keep having odd dreams and in it, there’s a person who is or was a Commander in the infernal legions.
My question is where is a Commander ranked? High ranking officer, low ranking etc.
What are there duties? What do they specialize in if anything?
They said they had soldiers to lead and alot of paperwork, they seemed to deal with politics if needed. :woman_shrugging:
I’m loathe to trust any information I get in dreams.

@Xag_darklight do you have any information on Commander ranks? I do remember you mentioning it before along with some others.

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Commander is just that the leader they command over x amount of legions. I believe each legion is either 4,000 to 10,000 depending on species. An archangel like let’s say Ariel would command of 6,000 virtues to help with the things of nature. I have heard a Demon like Belial or Azazel can command over numerous legions of 10,000.


I don’t believe there’s such a thing , the widely circulated information is , King , Duke , earl etc

I think infernal legions have 18,000 in them.
1 Nether, under him 9 Dukes who each command 2,000. Atleast that’s how Azazel said his legions are formed

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I’m talking about military ranks for those in the legions, not the noble or royal they follow.
Do you think they just say bring me soldier Thomas to deliver orders to the rest of legions?
They have ranks, commander, Nethers, captains. It makes things alot easier in the military.

So Azazel for example would be the commander. Then so on and so further.

Think of Lucifer as emperor but he himself fights now the trenches and his keeps as commanders. You they are the only ones but they would be the most trusted.


the commander falls under the master - controller
and a commander is aslo a leader,first lets explain what is a leader
a leader is not something esle from the rest,he is like the rest but he strives for a purpose,a leader breathes and lives for his purpose in so doing forces around him follow him for that purpose.