Infernal conjuration

I got this from a VK jehennum post while doing some research on a spirit.

The spirit I needed to contact didn’t have a known enns chant and I needed an easy way to establish a psychic connection with the spirit during evocation. This was so effective it made the hair on my arms and neck stand up to let me know the spirit was present and it was time for the conjuration.

This can be used with any infernal spirit I think. Goetic, Qlippothic, ect

“Liftoach pandemonium, et germinet (spirit X)”

It translates to something like

"Open the infernal plane and bring forth (spirit X)

This was just as effective ( for me) as a standard enns chant to build the psychic connection with the spirit. You simply repeat it over and over as you go into trance.

Now this is an excellent addition to any conjuration of infernal or like spirits.

“Timgalla Rimtorra (spirit X) Rimkathorra!”

Which means roughly “appear from the other side ( Sitrah ahra) and show yourself as an infernal, darksome spirit”

I had really good luck with it.

If anyone else decides to try this please update us on your experiences.

The spirit I used this on was the spirit known as Prince Pruflas ( or Pruslas or Bufas)


This is awesome @Mike_Bee thank you for sharing.

I’m going to try this out sooner than later.


thank you mike.sure i ll try it the next days!