Industrial Pagan Artwork

This is some of my artwork for all to enjoy feel free to use it as you like.

12 point Solar disk of the year 8 festival and cross quarter equinoxes and solstice.

Blue 8 point morning Star.

The Dragon Pentacle

The Rose Pentacle

The Green Man

7 point bronze Star

Sigil of The Counsel of Nine

The Divine Duet and Duel
From the Fires Came the Djinn
The Triplicicity.
Crowley’s Nebula Pentacle on stone textured tile.
tumblr_pux62cjg7e1ys53nzo1_400 The Rose Pentacle on stone textured tile rose gold with black background


I like it! I felt a few of them pull at me. Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you, feel free to download and use if you like.

Lovely work, brother!
I plan on working with that sigil of the council of nine for sure. Lovely work.

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