Inducing Lucid Dreaming?


TL;DR: I had an extremely vivid dream that I’ve had at least once before, and I want to know how to replicate the dream once again, but for it to be lucid this time. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Alright, so last night (technically this morning), I had an extremely vivid dream that I believe has significance beyond being a manifestation of my subconscious. The dream felt so real that I was disoriented by waking up and thought for a moment that I had fallen asleep.

As you all know by now, my main interest is achieving physical shapeshifting, with life extension and visualization of spirits as related goals. This dream has relevance to that, and I have the distinct feeling that I’ve had this dream once before, exactly the same, but I can’t remember when. Before I continue, let me describe the dream; I wrote down as much as I could when I woke up before it faded.

In the dream, I walked into an occult shop that faced a small suburban road. The shop was obviously in the downtown of a small town somewhere, but I don’t know which town. Anyways, I walked in, and I was with someone. I looked briefly at the stocks in the shelves along the left side of the store until a middle-aged thin woman, who I knew was also a witch, approached me. I seemed to know her, but I don’t know how. At any rate, I told her what I wanted (to cause lycanthropy), and she went into a back room that was dark and separated from the main store by a black curtain. She returned and handed me a heavy wooden box latched closed.

Upon opening the box, I saw inside that there was a crystal ball, perhaps 3 inches (7 ½ cm) in diameter, inlaid into the thick dark wood. There were carved symbols that I can’t remember. It had a slight, unnatural glow to it. I paid the woman for the item and left through the back door where I met an older man that told me to open the box and gaze into the ball while focusing on my desire to shift. And then I shifted, which was quite the experience, having occurred in such vivid detail.

I am aiming to have this dream for a third time, but this time, I want to know that I am dreaming, i.e. I want to be lucid. My hope is that I can find out more about the woman and determine if this is just my subconscious or if there is some message from a spirit hidden here - my gut instinct is that the latter is the case.

So, do any of you know how to induce lucid dreaming? Are there spirits I can evoke for this? Are there effective methods I can do myself? Any help is appreciated!


Really, any tips, advice, or wisdom on lucid dreaming would be hugely appreciated. Anybody?


Have you tried to use the search function…? There are plenty of threads here with the same topic…


Yes, and I saw a variety of posts mentioning lucid dreaming, as well as a couple that mention methods casually (such as ‘reverse blinking’), but have yet to find anything about how to do it. I’ll search some more, but was wondering if anyone could help.


for me when i have done it in the past was when i was uncomftorable while trying to sleep… alway my legs were a factor :thinking:

but the first time i had one was when i had a cramo in my leg i woke up got out of bed and stood up for a bit.

the second (that i remember) was when my leg was broken and i had to sleep with it propped up uncomforatable


Google is your friend here if you are looking for techniques.

The two most well known are the MILD technique, and the WILD technique.


I have had success combining methods. Such as the MILD/WBTB combo, by setting an alarm, rising, drink some water (infused with intention), and head back to bed…or my chair asana…

(Mnemonic Induction/Wake Back To Bed)…

The key to the WBTB is you must get up and move for a brief period…

It doesn’t hurt to set a strong intention of actually getting out of bed as planned, prior to racking out the night before.


Guayusa tea, there is many videos on Youtube about the lucid dreaming properties it has. Here is one such video.


Guy on the radio is talking about lucid dreaming. He mentions the last few hours before waking is when you really hit them and can start lucid dreaming.

I think the alarm setting or mentally setting waking times is good. When I was in the military there were plenty of times I took short naps like 5-10 minutes long and yet I dreamtvand I swore I was asleep longer but it went so.

Write journals
Declare you will dream
Do NOT drink alcohol or use mind numbing shit.
Get lots of oxygen
And you might hate this one… sleep with the cold air blowing on you. You will want to get up and close the window, turn off fan, turn on heat, cover up. But if you force an uncomfortable sleep you will get exhausted and possibly have some weird dreams. It used to happen to me all the time.

Being warm and snug… eh it’s nice but I usually didn’t dream deeply.


i do everything from this + pineal gland stuff + reality check and still does not have lucid dream


I rarely have them. Been ages tbh. Have you forgone sleep via deprivation for say 48-96 hoursvat a crack?


good idea i check it latter (for now im very bored and going to sleep) maybe if i have things to do