Indigenous Languages?

I’m curious how many of you speak indigenous languages and if it impacts or relates to your magick at all?

For example, I’m part Peruvian and I’ve been studying Quechua (Runasimi) which is an indigenous language spoken in the Andes. I’ve been in ritual a few times and heard things which I don’t understand --or said them in the event that I let a spirit use my mouth-- and after ritual I have found they translate (in Quechua) to things that make a lot of sense. This doesn’t happen with most of the spirits I work with though. But I’ve begun saying Quechua words in my some of my rituals.

So I’m wondering about any experiences of yours?

Do you ever do ritual in an indigenous tongue? Has a spirit ever spoken to you in one? Do you practice in the way of your ancestors with their language? Are you trying to learn an indigenous language? Wanna go through trying to learn an almost dead language with me?


I speak 3 Indigenous languages fluently in addition to English.

When I’m in ritual or deep trance meditation I communicate multilingually. Whatever feels comfortable.

For the Goetics i usually “speak” English and as I get more comfortable with the spirit or if I’m pacted with them then I’ll just speak whatever I like.

During my Aghora and Tantra Rituals I’ve even used English and it’s always been fine.

I’ve however always received Mantras from my Aghora and Tantra Rituals in Sanskrit only. This i suspect is because I can read the script. If a non native would do it, I’m sure the mantras would come in their preferred mode of understanding.

I’ve seen when in trance language isn’t so important, no matter what we speak, the message goes across and response comes via a language I’m most comfortable with.

To condense it language hasn’t affected my workings in any way.


So nice to hear from you! Thanks for the reply!

Most of my working with the Goetics is also in English. Sometimes there’s an absence of words though and a word in another language fits the idea better. (I can do English, Spanish, a tiny bit of Quechua, and a tiny bit of Japanese). On occasion, I’ve spoken a different language to them and no issue at all.

You comment on Aghora and Tantra surprised me a bit because I thought language/sound was super important in these. Thanks for insight!

This is something I was wondering about earlier. I’ve heard things I understand (in different languages I understand) but I’ve also heard things that make no sense to me.

I have mostly similar experiences. Language doesn’t ever seem like a barrier, but sometimes it works differently.

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Yes it’s been a while, glad you’re doing well.

Yes that would be for Mantra recitation and ritual recitation. But these are mainly Mantra based.

Once the Diety/Spirit comes forth you are then able to communicate in whatever form you wish.

I recently had a spirit come to me during my hypnagogic state and gave me an incantation, it was in a different language and it was so confusing that I was unable to record it. Maybe another day!!

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