I tried evoking incubus by the letter of intent method 2 times but nothing seems to work I followed all the rules as said and I don’t know what to do anymore any help and suggestions please

Maybe change your mindset a bit? It’s not like you were doing some daily chores and went through the rest of the day with an ease of mind that it’s done, right?

You did the ritual because you wanted changes in your life. Physical closeness. Love. Intimacy. Someone to share your life experiences with, the good and the bad.

Do you believe in otherworldy beings, spirits, entities, demons and angels? Do you have anticipations? Do you have faith? Have you done research? Do you know what signs to look for?

After the ritual is done, you should look for signs, like:

  • Touches.
  • Visions.
  • Noices.
    (smell and taste, as well)

…and above all: You need to be patient. Focus. Close your eyes and “listen in” to your surroundings. The spirit could touch you, call your name or show himself in front of your eyes or within your peripheral vision.

You also have to believe. Believe in yourself and that the ritual was a success, and that the spirit you asked for is real. It cannot exist in your life if you don’t believe in it’s existence.


I also privately messaged you remember. I have been trying for about 6 months . I dint feel any touches or any presence for that matter . I searched everywhere and everything about incubus and their evocation and then only tried and I do believe in spirits

As u told me in pm I tried meditation daily

Well incubus are living beings and can answer if they choose to, people who think they can force a being to show up usually only get the thoughtform version of it that fits the mold of what they perceive an incubus to be like. So in my opinion I would get into projection or work on trying to reach out to a goetia like Sitri or Zepar given they most likely have ties to both to some degree, or straight for the head and reach out to Lilith.

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