I have spent the past 10 years with my spirit guide, maybe even longer. He calls himself my fetch. We have a sort of bond which is really hard to explain. Its like I can pull him out on the opposite end of a graveyard and summon him to me. This is saying something, as I am a psychic medium in full possession of all of my claires.

He feels my emotions and I feel his. He knows my thoughts and I know his. He began as a childhood imaginary friend. But even as a child I knew he was different. Not only because he showed himself to my bestie and I in the woods. That night I saw his full figure. It was pitch dark and he was a solid white human, face and all. But my friend only saw his orange aura. She played with him (as an imaginary friend) too.

This is just a short example of our relationship. But its more of a relationship than I thought.

I knew I was being assaulted in my sleep and out of my sleep by a spirit for many years. I thought it might have been him before. But I never was sure.

I think he is an incubus. I know he is.

He always says he can’t lie to me. He is damn good at creative truth telling. But he has never lied.

And this time he would not tell me if he was or not. I asked him if he was an incubus. And he said yes.

I don’t know what to think rn.

Don’t know whether I should be furious or satisfied. Truth is I kind of enjoyed these past few years with all of this. Is that weird?

Please tell me what you know about this. Thanks.

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:woman_shrugging:t2: am not an expert but from my understanding is that what makes us identify a spirit to be a succubi/incubi is their ability to feed of sexual energy! Its more like a title than species! So if a spirit tells me that they are succubi/incubi its like telling me they like sex! If they are gentle with you and not vamp your energy to the point of feeling sick! There is nothing to fear!
Since you are now aware of this it become your choice if you want him to stop or not!
I hope I answered well enough :hugs: good luck


You answered flawlessly. Thanks. :slight_smile:


If it makes you happy, that is fine.

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