Incubus was Scared of me

Some of you may know that in my younger years I dealt with being attacked by spirits in my sleep. It was general torture that often included sexual violations, but other things like being lit on fire or hung from the ceiling screaming were included. Lovely adolescent memories. When I learned how to take care of that mess the problems ended. It’s been about 7 years with no trouble.

A few nights ago I was visited by an Inkubus while I slept. Distinct feeling, I know what dreams versus spirit contact feel like. What I find odd is that the Inkubus was…scared of me. He got things started but at first any move I made hed jump back a bit or flinch like he was scared I’d attack him. Once it was clear that I was firmly receptive he relaxed and we had a nice time.

Given my previous experiences this keeps bugging me. I’ve never had a spirit be visibly scared of me before. It was a clear “I won’t hurt you if you don’t hurt me” situation. He was a sweetie. I’m going to have to get used to this. I’m used to being the one who’s nervous or scared still, though not nearly as much as years ago.

Anyone else had a spirit act skittish around them before?


That incubus sounds adorable.

As for similar experiences, I’ve had this with ghosts. Whenever I try to talk to them and see why they’re bugging me, they tend to freeze up and not respond.


Oh he was a sweetie.

Ha ha ha! That’s funny.

They bug us then get scared when we respond? What’s up with that?!

I guess most people don’t know what’s actually going on so when someone does these types of spirits tread a little more carefully.