Incubus/Succubus and soulmates

So this is just a question I thought of recently
What will happen if you have an incubus or succubus and met your soulmate in the future?
Would you have to choose one or the other or is there a third option where they’d be able to share you so there’d be 3 of you in the relationship?
I really do wonder
What do you guys think? Or does anyone have an answer to my curiosity?

Would be up to them really if they get along, not you.

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No I would never pick an incubus over my soulmate (my husband). Incubi were never meant to be a life partner. They thrive and feed off sex that’s their purpose.

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^^^ your going to be in a physical vessel in this life , and while some might not agree with me on this , they can not experience a fraction of what you can experience with a human lover , because they are not physical