Incubus pregnancy symptoms

For my sister’s sake can someone
Please give me the symptoms of this ?
Incase .

Trynna find out as much as I can kn this and other things .

Google? :woman_shrugging:t5:

Loads of information on the internet…

Yea i did but the internet is filled with answers on top of answer
both accurate and just plain extra
So I feel coming here asking for it is more faster and easier since you guys are more in experience

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I have for years now and still have nothing on the pregnancy symtpoms lol that make sense or u know

Very true. I’m sure someone will come along and help you out eventually.

I think @Lady_Eva as more knowledge about This :thinking:

Well I only conceived a demonic Child after I had established good communications with spirits, divination methods that have been proven accurate and reliable, and trusted spirit mentors, so no, I have little to no advice for anyone who gave over their energy body in this way without those things, sorry.


@Lady_Eva Oh Sorry my mistake. I do remember reading that I just thought you may have been through that on your past topics

I have bad memory at times. :sweat_smile:


Nope, no way! :laughing:

“o hai random ubi-bae i can’t communicate with and know nothing about, want to permanently enter my energy body, get a link into my primal currents, and affect my bloodine? oops don’t bother answering i can’t hear you anyway lol”


Someone should quote this in their profile. Anyone.



If only that little box they gave us was bigger. I already have to hit expand to see all of mine. :rofl: :rofl: