Incubus or someone else?

I have been sending life energy offerings to the spirit/incubus who is around me to try and strengthen the bond for about a week now, every evening. Also meditating trying to make more contact & reaching out.

Yesterday i thought to myself, i wont send the offering, perhaps then it will come to my dreams and take it from me & i will remember it.

So i had a meeting it went on late, im driving home in the dark, come off a dual carriageway to a roundabout. I pull up, and check - no traffic, no headlights its all clear. The moment i pull out a black car with no headlights iz coming straight for my car horn blasting. It sure rattled me - my car’s very slow to accelerate! For a moment i was sure he was going straight into my drivers door & thru it!
Of course the fear energy i released in the moment was huge… more than enough for a slirit to feed on!

My Qusetion - is that typical Incubus spirit behaviour? I feel suitably told off by it for withholding the offering!

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